The Slow Lane

The Slow Lane

Reading Time: 5 minutes Take a Hike, Man Last week I was feeling the pressure: Full-time work, with all the physical and mental challenges of relaxing every massage client who walked in the door; Overtime work to cover the costs of my upcoming vacation; A curriculum to write for my upcoming clinic training; The surprising (and expensive) death of …

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A Motorcycle Trip Down the Rabbit Hole


Reading Time: 6 minutes Easy Rider This last weekend Matt and I had the opportunity to take a motorcycle ride up from SoCal to the Napa Valley for New Years. It had been a long time since I visited the valley and I was excited. After getting all the appropriate clothing and accessories ready, I made sure to assess …

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How to Travel the Right Way – Part 2


Reading Time: 6 minutes In Part 1 I talked about how to travel smart. This post will discuss the airlines, hotels, rental cars and the different points programs, what’s good, what’s not and what to look for. Basically how to get the most bang for your buck. Airlines No the airlines are not there to screw with you, they …

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