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Gents, I wanted to put a few of my biggest time savers together that I use to maximize my time and productivity. Hopefully you guys will have things to add to this list and we can all grow from each others knowledge and experiences.

Internet of Things:

As I have discussed before I am an avid reader of blogs, but I don’t like to search through every blog to find what I like. I use a website called Feedly (www.feedly.com). You have to do a little on the configuration side and find the RSS feeds for the websites/blogs you like, but once you do you just have one place to look at that shows everything.


I also like reading some Reddit posts – however most of them are garbage. So to make this easy I use IFTTT (more to follow on this later) and Evernote to automatically save the post so I can view it later. I use the free version of Evernote so I’m limited to 2 devices etc, but I don’t see any reason to pay for this service currently.


Since I just mentioned Evernote, I also use it to set long-term goals, monthly progress checks for myself etc. For example I use Google calendar to have an event on the first of every month that reminds me to do my monthly status check. In that calendar entry I have a link that returns me to evernote where I detail my progress on the items I’m checking. Here’s a rough idea of what it looks like.


Google calendar:

This Item I use all the time. I have many different calendars that I use for the different areas of my life, work, kids, home, personal etc. I also share calendars with my wife so she knows my schedule and I know hers, very helpful for things.



If This Then That (www.ifttt.com) If you don’t know what this is, go to the website. Its an awesome automation site that uses various triggers and results based on the services you connect to it. This is the service that integrates my Reddit to Evernote, makes grocery lists, whatever. I’m a big supporter of automating tasks that are purely a time waster. This is the single biggest time saver for me.



I think I mentioned this to you guys before, but my brain is wired with lists and goals to check off. In the most basic sense, Todoist is a program where you make items then check them off when complete. But there is automation that you can do, for example I have a task that is “take vitamins”, after I check it as complete, it pops up for the next day, since I scheduled it to repeat the day after I check it off. I pay for the premium version of this service, I think like 25 bucks a year. Here is what mine looks like right now.


Alarm clocks:

I think the biggest time saver is setting an alarm and keeping a consistent schedule. I am trying to get better at being more consistent when it comes to the worst areas of my life (working out, eating right) setting an alarm and keeping to it makes this much easier.

Google Assistant

For those of you using Android, There is a whole list of things Google assistant can do for you. I use Google assistant for reminders at certain times, or even when I get to certain places. That’s very convenient, especially for something like “remind me to buy milk when I get to the grocery store”. Then when I arrive at ANY grocery store it will give me that reminder. For those of you using iOS, I’m sure Siri does neat things too. Good for you Siri, good for you.


Not everyone is a “numbers geek” like I am, but I live by the motto, “Whatever can be tracked, can be analyzed. Whatever can be analyzed can be improved.” I have a “weight guru” brand scale that pairs up with my phone to record every time I step on the scale. I also use My fitness pal and or “Carb Manager” apps to record my food intake.

All of these time savers greatly help me achieve my goals while not taking an excessive amount of time from my already busy schedule. I hope you can use many of these in your life as well to help you stay productive and achieve your goals!!

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Stay Superior!

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Matt is a husband, a father, an avid motorcycle rider, and an all around awesome guy.

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