Howdy Gents!

Today we’re excited to announce the release of our brand new book review podcast, “The Superior Men Bookcast”!

Every month we’ll take a great book and cram hundreds of pages of awesome material into a single, concentrated shot of entertaining enlightenment. In less than 30-minutes you’ll find out:

  • How popular and/or significant the book is
  • All the controversy, drama and chaos caused by the book
  • A brief biography of the author
  • Our favorite excerpts and profound quotes
  • What functional differences the book has made in each of our lives
  • And, most importantly, WHY YOU NEED TO READ IT!!

The Superior Men Bookcast will focus on the best books for men in every category, including: Fitness, Sex, Women, Warrior Ethos, Tribe, Family, Motivation, Adventure and a lot more. The show’s primary focus is non-fiction books but we’ll also periodically include fiction that we love as well.

Ready to get started? Great! If you’re already a subscriber to The Superior Men Podcast you’ll automatically receive TSMB Episode #1 “The Way of Men” and Episode #2 “Good Calories, Bad Calories” through your usual subscription.

If you haven’t signed up for The Superior Men Podcast, now is the time to see what all the excitement is about! Click your preferred podcast app in the links below to get started.

And if you’ve already listened to Episodes #1 and #2 and can’t want for next month (You giant nerd you), head over to our Great Books section for a list of our favorite books you can pick up today!

Happy Listening – and Reading!

Matt & Jay

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