The Six-Pack Project

Part 1 – The Beginning
March 20, 2017

On February 21, 2017, I finally committed to having abs like Brad Pitt in Fight Club. I’ve always wanted these abs. Everyone wants these abs. Guys want to own them. Girls want to touch them. And who can blame them? Look at this madness!


A six-pack is a modern status symbol. They’re the ultimate proof of fitness. If you want to be on the cover Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness or anything else with Man in the title, you have to have abs.

cover 1 cover 2 cover 3 cover 4

In movies, unless you’re hilarious (or maybe an Oscar-winner) you don’t get to take your shirt off without the washboard. Then again, if you’re not freaking funny or have a hot body, what are you doing in Hollywood in the first place?

So sure, we’ll all seen famous guys with shredded bodies parading around topless. But what if you’re not a professional athlete, actor or recording artist? What if you don’t have a seven-figure salary that can afford a personal dietician AND a personal chef AND a personal trainer AND enough time to go to the gym six days a week for several hours at a time?

I’ll tell you the answer to that question. You look like this:

Me 2-21-17

This stunning photo was taken February 18, 2017. For a long time it was my favorite selfie because I’m actually skinnier here than I was all last year. I’m about 184lb in this pic, down from over 190 (which was my fattest EVER). I had already lost almost 6 pounds – mostly by cutting down on IPA and tortilla chips – and was feeling pretty good about myself.

That was when my cousin Matt and the rest of the group at We Are Superior Men decided we were all going to make six-month fitness goals. I’d just finished completing the 2017 So-Cal Beast Spartan two weeks earlier and was needing another goal to stop me before I went back to the beer and snacks. Suddenly I was struck with a brilliant idea.

Why not get the six-pack I’ve always wanted?

I mean, seriously, why not? I was making my own meals so the food should be doable, I had a little time that I could spend in the gym, and hell, I figured if I was going to lose weight I should be able to save money on groceries. Plus, no matter how difficult it might be, it couldn’t be any harder than training for a grueling 9-mile obstacle course, right? (Turns out, it’s awesome – but also a LOT harder)

So I did it. I made a commitment. I decided in that moment that my six-month goal would be to get abs like Brad Pitt by August. I was going to drop my love handles. I was going to get the tummy of my dreams. People would finally walk up to me on the beach and ask if they could do laundry on my washboard stomach. And I would graciously let them.

The Six-Pack Project 1

I immediately set to work. I hit the gym. I bought some measuring equipment and an diet tracking app. I made a meal plan. I set daily and weekly goals. I also started reading. I learned about calories and energy. I  started exploring fasting and the hunger mechanism.

If this were a movie, I would totally include a vigorous dieting montage here.

In short, I worked my ass off – and I actually lost weight! We’ll get to the specifics of my program in another post. First, lets fast-forward through my month of hard work and show you what my body looks like today, 29-days after my initial commitment.

me 3-20-17
3/20 – 176lbs/~15%bf
me 2-21-17 crop
2/21 – 184lbs/~18%bf

Even those these photos aren’t exactly to scale (pun intended) it’s clear I am making progress! In fact, this is the first time I’ve actually seen these two photos next to each other and I have to say it’s pretty exciting.

Now, how did I lose this weight and bodyfat? What were the exact steps I took? How difficult was it? And will I accomplish my goal by August? (For the answer to these questions, fast forward to Part 2 of The Six-Pack Project.)

In addition to specifics on my weight-loss program, in Part 2 I’ll be talking about a bunch of things I’ve learned along the way, including:

– Why you might want to throw out your scale

– How one free app can literally change your life

– The single most important ingredient for dieting

– And a lot more!

For the next several months I’ll be hard at work tearing out my gut and replacing it with chiseled steel. If you’re ready for a challenge, I encourage you to join me!

In the meantime, no matter what your goal is, work hard, dream big and kick ass.

You can do it!

Stay Superior!

Edit: August 12, 2017 (six months later) – Did I get my abs? Was I successful? Find out all the details of my experience here!

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