The Second Date: Sexual Escalation

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You just finished your first date and it went great. She was adorable, you were hilarious and by the end of coffee you were both flirting pretty heavily. Nice work man. Now it’s time for round two. In today’s article we’re going to cover how to create a fun, sexy experience where you’ll escalate from flirting to making out and maybe a lot more! Read on to learn how to master The Second Date.

“How Do I Prepare for Date #2?”

Mental Preparation

As we discuss throughout Sexual Magnetism, confidence is king. No matter if this is your first date or your 50th wedding anniversary, your woman will look to you for leadership, strength and vision. Keep this in mind and you’ll be on solid emotional footing for all your romantic adventures.

The other big key is to remember you’re on a fact-finding mission. Your primary goal of the second date to figure out if this girl has long-term potential. Your secondary goal is to decide if she’s fun, interesting and emotionally stable enough to bang without worrying she’ll go psycho and cook your pet rabbit when you break things off. Both goals are obviously important.

Physical Preparation

The second date is more involved than the first date so you’ll need to spend some time planning and coordinating your events.

It make take several hours or even a few days to get all the information and material needed for the date. Start doing all the necessary legwork now. Things are always changing and if you’re not prepared it could mean the difference between a fun and sexually exciting date and a sad and frustrated woman.

“Where Do We Go On the Second Date?”

In order to generate sexual attraction in a woman you want to demonstrate you’re interesting and creative, you like to explore new things, and most importantly, you’re a good leader and she can trust you to be in charge. Learn creative date ideas that will immediately set yourself apart from average men…

“How Much Should I Spend?”

You’ll be going on less 2nd Dates than 1st Dates but if you’re actively dating your bottom line is still important to remember. Whatever you decide, don’t start throwing money around just yet. You like this girl but you still don’t know how well you’re going to get along. A good goal is to spend… (Find out how much you should be spending – and how much is too much!)

“How Do I Flirt with Her?”

Flirting is an essential life skill for every man. If you could use a little more background, make sure to check out our overview of the subject. Dates are the best places to really have fun and flirt with a girl. Here are a few things to focus on while you’re out with your hottie:

  1. Be comfortable with yourself. When you’re cool with who you are and you like yourself you can relax. Work on your self-esteem. Some of the best flirts aren’t physically attractive – they’re just very comfortable with themselves
  2. Don’t be needy. This goes with #1. Desperation is turn off. Remain in control of yourself.
  3. Learn to smile. If you smile, she will naturally smile back at you. Plus it help puts you in a good mood.
  4. Make Eye-contact. You don’t need to stare but you have to look a person in the eye to make a human contact. If you are going to wink, the subtler the better.
  5. Listen, Listen, Listen. Stop trying to be suave and clever. Listen to what the other person is saying and respond. Ask them about themselves because you really want to know the answers.

“How – and When – Do I Compliment Her?”

Always start your date with a compliment. Pay attention to something about her that you like and mention it: “Wow you smell great,” “Nice necklace,” etc. Complement her on something she did, not her biology. “That dress looks sexy on you” is much better than “you look sexy.”

The Second Date: Sexual Escalation 1

The goal is not to verbally reward her for who she is (which she can’t easily change) but rather for her behavior or her decisions (which she can change depending on what you encourage or discourage.)

Find out the conversation mistakes that will make her quickly lose interest in you…

“Why Is Teasing Important?”

A whole series could be written on this subject alone. Teasing is fun. It pushes her buttons. It almost guarantees she’s going to laugh and then hit you (and if she’s touching you that’s always a good thing). You want to be playful and exaggerate things. Talking shit with a hot girl is one of life’s great pleasures.

Teasing is a delicate balance between giving her crap but also entertaining her at the same time. There are certain ways you SHOULD do it and there are the MISTAKES you should NEVER make… (Learn the right – and wrong – way to tease her!)

“How Do I Touch Her During the Date?”

HOW, WHERE and WHEN to touch your date… (Get all the DIRTY DETAILS!)

Sex On the Second Date

If you’ve followed these steps all the way to this point, she will definitely be thinking about sex with you. Here’s what you need to prepare, what to discuss and what to DO next… (Are you ready for sex?)

Ending the 2nd Date

Regardless of whether you just kissed a bit, made out a lot, did some serious heavy petting or ended up in banging in your van down by the river, it’s important that you ALWAYS DO THIS after the interaction… (We’ll show you how to end things the RIGHT way!)

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The Second Date: Sexual Escalation 2

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