The Red Pill for Dummies – Part 1

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Disclaimer: This article is meant to introduce you to the red pill philosophy. This is not meant to be all-inclusive, or exhaustive by any means, there is MUCH more out there in the various red pill communities. The intent of this article and the red pill movement in general, is to encourage men to open their eyes, see the world for what it is, improve themselves and take action. You need to understand the rules before you can play the game, and many of you didn’t even realize you were playing a game… more on that later.

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Intro To Red Pill Philosophy

Recall that iconic scene in the original Matrix movie, Morpheus and Neo sitting in a room. Morpheus offers Neo a choice, take the blue pill and “the story ends, you wake up in your bed and you believe whatever you want to”, however if you take the red pill “you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes, what I’m offering is the truth, nothing more.”

This is the essence of the red pill philosophy. Take the blue pill and keep your eyes closed to the real world, live fat, dumb and unhappy in the world of incels, man haters and the #metoo Movement feeling sorry about being a man.  Wishing you could make up for all the bad things men have done in the past, walk a mile in her shoes, do more chores around the house so your significant other will give you a pity blowjob once a year. Or take the red pill and see the mating strategy differences between men and women for what they really are, i.e. female hypergamy. If you haven’t heard that term before, read Rollo Tommasi’s blog here or follow this link to a female-slanted website that makes the point. You will take the lead in your relationships, improve yourself as a man, realize success and goals in your profession, and truly take charge of your life.

So What Is The Red Pill?

In short the Red Pill is a group of loosely connected and unconnected blog communities, subreddit forums, websites, and social networking accounts all focusing on improving men’s lives. I realize this is a very general statement as “improving men’s lives” takes many different forms. For some men they didn’t have a great male role model growing up, others just have trouble getting laid. I was introduced into the Red Pill communities through a website called while searching for personal improvement topics. Learning about the true social and sexual dynamics between men and women was very eye opening. I had numerous eye open experiences for sure, since I was doing some in depth soul searching during that period of my life (going through a messy divorce).

Women have feminism, men have the red pill. Although feminism is equally destructive to women as it is men, the red pill philosophies promote celebrating strengths of each gender. Removing the idea that women and men are equal (read: “the same”) instead, focusing that each gender has their own strengths AND weaknesses. Reinforcing the historic roles of men and of women at work, home, and in society in general. As Hunter puts it on his blog Family Alpha (I’m summarizing) a man’s job is to be the captain of the family and his wife the first mate. Find me a household with a weak man, and you will find a miserable woman, taking charge because she has to, resenting her partner the whole time.

Anatomy of the Red Pill

Next I’ll provide a short description of several components that make up the red pill, as stated above this isn’t all inclusive, just allowing you to dip your toe in and get the temperature.

Reddit Communities

For those of you who are familiar with Reddit, and let’s be honest you’d have to have been under a rock not to be, here are a few very popular subreddits. These subreddits have an active following (me included) and are a great starting place to engage with a community. I will caution you though, if you have thin skin, you may want to just lurk and read instead of posting right away. Many of the active participants hold no punches in their opinions and evaluations of your questions. These subreddits also have extensive reading suggestions on their sidebar and they are difficult to see in most mobile apps or devices, I’d strongly suggest visiting on a desktop at first.



/r/TheRedPill – The site is in “Quarantine” in reddit due to its “offensive” content



Men’s Blogs

Besides what can be found on, there is a wide blog culture out there spreading the Pro-Men message, loosely called the manosphere. Below I have listed several of my favorite blogs that I read often. Each of these websites have their own twist with their message. For example TheFamilyAlpha is dedicated to the married man, whereas ReturnOfKings is focused on picking up women and the single lifestyle in general. Dalrock is unique in that he take a pro Christianity approach to the male/female dynamic often citing scripture and giving biblical references in his posts. Bold and Determined as well as Illimitablemen have a strong focus on discipline and fitness. One of the most recent Blogs I have been following is Notesfromaredpillgirl. The author self describes as  

“I am a divorced single mom in her early 40s who has a great education, a successful career, and all things considered a pretty great life. But there is a big something missing. A successful relationship. After doing everything I had been told to do to become a successful “modern” woman, I looked around one day and realized it wasn’t working. Or at least when it came to men, I didn’t “get it.”

She brings a female perspective to a male space, and after all why shouldn’t she? She wants a great man, and is sick of the lies society and other women are telling her. There is a biological component here that men and women want to ignore, because lets be honest, its much easier to take the blue pill and “…wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.”

Some of Our Favorite Men’s Blogs:

Return of kings

The Rational Male



Family Alpha




This is the portion of the Red Pill universe that I know the least about. I slowly came into this community via self improvement and other blogs. That being said the sexual dynamics that are discussed in the PUA (pick-up-artist) community apply to all intersex dynamics. The idea is that this community focuses on bedding girls frequently which has never been my focus. Some very good takeaways are about style, improving yourself, and developing confidence.

Roosh V


Julien Blanc

Men’s Rights

This section of the red pill came into my sphere while going through a divorce and custody battle a few years ago. It absolutely amazes me how unfairly men are treated within western courts when it comes to custody. Here and here are just a couple of examples. Marriage/kids is often written about within the red pill sphere, and they typical advice is Don’t, and Don’t. As a general rule its hard to argue against that line of thinking, but for those of us who are married and have kids these are some great resources.




The Red Pill in Media

My last point here is on the red pill documentary movie. The movie was created by a self pronounced feminist looking to probe into the Red Pill movement. It is a journey that is transformative in nature she thought it would be misognists and female haters, and in the end she questioned her own beliefs. Although it has its flaws, the movie is worth a watch, especially if you just want to absorb someone else’s journey into the Red Pill. Currently you can stream this movie for free with your Amazon Prime Membership.

The Red Pill Documentary

The next installment I’ll dive a bit deeper into the Red Pill. In the meantime do some homework, look around and let us know how your journey is going on Instagram @Realsuperiormen.

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Until next time,

Stay Superior!!


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