The Bug on the Wall

A few months ago I noticed a mosquito hawk on the wall, near the ceiling of my downstairs bathroom, just sitting there. I don’t mind them at all so I figured I’d let him be, after all he’ll just take off and kill and eat some bugs in the house which is always a good thing. My life got busy and I just noticed the bug again the other day, still in the same place, dead from inaction. He was sitting there waiting for something for so long that he just gave up and died, without moving a millimeter.

How life can pass us by and we just lead the same routine day after day after day after day living the life of that bug? Basically dead while going through life’s motions. Its very easy to pity the people living in assisted care facilities, I know I often think they are just going through the motions waiting for the final ambulance to come for them.

I was like that for many years in my first marriage, just going through the motions of life.

But then I woke up and decided to take control of my life, aim the ship in the direction I wanted it to go instead of just letting life happen to me. Unfortunately that meant ending the marriage but also making many positive changes in my life.

Here is a popular exercise in journalism classes, write your own obituary. But what’s the point? Does it have any real benefit or is it just a good writing exercise?

How do you want to be remembered?

That’s the bottom line.

There is a finite end in death, so there are no do-overs. So how would your obituary read?

Let’s take a little walk together, and write a few words down for ourselves. Here is a link on how to write an obituary.

Focus on your achievements, attributes, Who you would thank, poems or quotes, and lastly three words that sum up your life.

Write those three words down.

The Bug on the Wall 1

After you have given this some thought let’s watch George Carlin

Now, how would you change those 3 words? If you were brutally honest, what would you change? Why?

Constant evaluation and reevaluation is part of being a man. When we are husbands and or fathers we have the responsibility to lead and guide our family. How can you lead your family when you don’t know where you are, or where you are going?

3 little words is all you have to be remembered.

Integrity. Humor. Dedication.

Stay Superior!

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Matt is a husband, a father, an avid motorcycle rider, and an all around awesome guy.

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