The 5 Paths of Adult Males

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The Five Paths

No matter where you go in the world there are five males you will encounter: the Adult Boy, the Mediocre Guy, the Basic Man, the Masculine Man, and the Superior Man.

Each individual travels his own path. The five paths are ranked in order of difficulty, reward and satisfaction. Each path is harder than the one before it.

There are also five main characteristics of every male: STRENGTH (SKILL), INTEGRITY, COURAGE, VISION and SERVICE.

Like the five paths, each characteristic requires greater sacrifice than the one that precedes it. Each quality is both the bridge and the gatekeeper to the next path.

The Adult Boy

The Adult Boy has no standards, no spine, no goals, no control and no real life. All adult males naturally have various STRENGTHS and skills but without INTEGRITY they are unable to commit those abilities to any long-term goal. An Adult Boy lacks the COURAGE to fight for the life he desires and is a long ways from having the VISION to accomplish great things. He may never learn the value of SERVING OTHERS. He is greedy, lazy, weak, untrustworthy and dangerous to know.

An Adult Boy fantasizes about sex with a high-quality Woman but doesn’t have the skills, confidence or character to get it. When he does decide to temporarily stop watching porn, he uses whatever tricks at his disposal to get laid. He goes to parties and bars and uses dating apps, focusing on insecure or inebriated Women. Since he has no self-respect, he is willing to lie, cheat or manipulate to get a Woman into bed.

If an Adult Boy is successful with a marginally attractive Woman, the confidence boost she gives his ego will be reason enough for him to stay with her for months or even years. It is all but guaranteed that he will cheat on her the first chance he can. Unless they are of direct benefit to him, a Woman’s feelings matter little to him.

You will find Adult Boys on the fringes of society, surviving on gifts from their parents or friends, handouts from the state or as criminals. They spend their lives in basements, bars, clubs, house parties, back alleys or in prison. An Adult Boy desires any entertainment, distraction, drug or thrill that will distract him from the miserable, meaningless experience that is his life.

An Adult Boy is a financial, emotional and sexual parasite that needs someone to kick his ass and tell him to grow up before it is too late.

The Mediocre Guy

The Mediocre Guy (also known as the AFC – Average Frustrated Chump) has various STRENGTHS and has a great advantage over the Adult Boy because he has also learned the value of INTEGRITY. He can hold down a job and is able to make and maintain friendships and relationships. He wishes he could be COURAGEOUS and fight for a better life but he is too scared of risk and conflict.

The Mediocre Guy is the epitome of the “nice guy,” using his SKILLS to accomplish whatever his Woman requests in hopes that it will get him laid. He is continuously surprised and distraught at how his INTEGRITY and work-ethic are unsuccessful in turning Women on. The Mediocre Guy has not learned that sexual attraction and RISK are inherently connected. Because the Mediocre Nice Guy doesn’t have the COURAGE to attempt anything sexual if he might be rejected, he is unable to generate the necessary spark that would ignite her attraction. Even if he is in a relationship, the Mediocre Guy spends most of his life stuck in the friend-zone watching porn and wondering why he can’t turn Women on.

Because he lacks the BALLS to set up good boundaries, people regularly take advantage of the Mediocre Guy. His Woman doesn’t respect him because although he means well she can easily push him around like a balloon with a string. The only thing that keeps her even remotely interested in him are his various useful SKILLS and his ironclad COMMITMENT to her and to the relationship. His job, his work, his family, his relationships, his sexual experiences – everything in the Mediocre Guy’s life is weak sauce. He occasionally dreams of an amazing VISION for his future and hopes desperately for the COURAGE to achieve it but dreams require sacrifice and deep down he doesn’t believe he has what it takes.

The best that the Mediocre Guy will ever get is a half-assed life.

The Basic Man

The Basic Man takes responsibility, works hard and is not afraid of a fight. He channels his STRENGTHS by COMMITTING to goals that require COURAGE and RISK. Although there is often pain and regular failure, the Basic Man suffers through without complaint. He finds pleasure where he can. He lives his own life. He feels a sense of pride in himself and what he does. His friends and teammates respect him. No matter how difficult or dangerous things may get, his SKILLS and GRIT make him an excellent choice for most situations.

The Basic Man is a worthy sexual partner and his COURAGE offers definite benefits to a Woman. Although he doesn’t have the VISION or belief that he can get very hot Women into bed, he still has a few SKILLS and some good lines. Even if his personality is awkward or rather gruff, a percentage of Women will still be drawn to his STRENGTH, work ethic and zero tolerance for her bullshit.

The Basic Man usually settles for a somewhat attractive Woman who can provide him with support, tenderness and sex on a regular basis. Even though the Basic Man is often unfulfilled, financially struggling and without a rudder for his life, most Women will stay with him. His COURAGE and solid BOUNDARIES keep her attracted and his STRENGTH and INTEGRITY give her hope for a better future at some point.

Although the Basic Man does not have a compelling VISION for his future and has not committed to SERVE others and truly make a difference, he does his best with what he has been given and lives to the best of his beliefs.

The Masculine Man

The Masculine Man is confident, passionate, exciting and fun. He has COMMITTED his SKILLS to multiple RISKY goals in pursuit of his VISION. Failure is an ongoing part of his challenging lifestyle and he accepts each mistake as a required step in accomplishing his dreams. He actively pursues everything he desires and experiences incredible successes.

The Masculine Man is equally confident in his personal life, his work life and his sex life. He enjoys pursuing his various DREAMS – including seducing the most beautiful Women. He BOLDLY flirts with everyone and is unconcerned if they reject him. The Masculine Man’s irrepressible energy, humor and sense of adventure magnetically attract all the Feminine Women in his vicinity.

In the bedroom he is a SKILLED lover who enjoys giving and receiving pleasure in equal measure. Depending on his desires, a Masculine Man can have one or several Women in his life and they will be excited to have captured him. Because he has solid INTEGRITY in addition to his other traits, the Masculine Man is also a successful businessman, a loving partner, a proud father and good friend.

Though he cares about his people, the Masculine Man is still self-centric and has not made the final step of committing to SERVE those who cannot help themselves. Nevertheless, the Masculine Man truly enjoys his choice of the prizes in life.

The Superior Man

The Superior Man is powerful, generous, wise and good. His VISION for a better future makes him a natural leader of large groups and communities. He COURAGEOUSLY FIGHTS for what is right. His many STRENGTHS make him a valuable ally and a dangerous enemy. He is known throughout the community for his kindness, his INTEGRITY and his unwavering SERVICE to benefit others. The Superior Man continuously measures his thoughts and deeds against the highest standards so that his life may leave the world better than when he found it.

The Superior Man loves his Woman but he also understands she is less important than his work. The needs of his community are paramount in a Superior Man’s life. Because of his significant COMMITMENTS as a team leader, he is rarely free to pursue a life of challenge and adventure like the Masculine Man. Instead his SKILLS are fully invested in strategizing for the FUTURE, supporting and growing his team, and FIGHTING various kinds of political and ideological battles.

But the Superior Man is not all work. He loves to have fun with his Woman, his family and his community. He schedules daily and weekly time alone with his Woman. Romance, sex and connection are incredibly important to both him and his Woman. He plans regular trips, sometimes alone with her and sometimes with the family. He works with his Woman to create deeply personal projects. He makes time every day to share, play with and instruct his children.

The INTEGRITY and VISION of a Superior Man are shared equally by his Woman. She understands his commitment and loves him for it. She, too, has higher ideals than just pleasure and excitement. She has seen the great pain in the world and has dedicated her life to easing the suffering of others.

While the Superior Man takes care of his work, she successfully manages and coordinates their family and household. When she has free time, she enjoys SERVING beside him to improve the lives of hundreds or even thousands of people.

The Superior Man and his Woman are the King and Queen of their people.

The Crossroads

The Adult Boy. The Mediocre Guy. The Basic Man. The Masculine Man. The Superior Man.

Five paths. Five lives.

Right now you stand at the crossroads. Your life is your own. Your future is in your hands. Today you have the opportunity, the power, the talent and the capacity to become anyone you wish.

Who will you choose to become?

Stay Superior Gentlemen!!

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