Crazy/Hot Women: 15 Signs Your Beauty Is A Beast


Reading Time: 10 minutes Recently I went on a date with a smokin’ Italian girl. Picture this: She has big brown eyes, a low-cut shirt and a tight little body. We’re flirting like crazy and she can’t keep her hands off me. I lead her outside the bar and we start making out pretty good. Suddenly my lip starts …

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Why I Stopped Having Sex (And 10 Reasons You Should Too)


Reading Time: 8 minutes The Subtle of Art of Not Fucking At All I have a confession to make: I haven’t had sex in over two years. You’re probably wondering what’s wrong. Is it because I can’t get a woman? Did some bitch damage me for all relationships? Or maybe do I have erectile dysfunction? Am I crazy? Why …

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100 Things I Love About Women (Besides the Sex)


Reading Time: 4 minutes Bridging the Gap From my perspective, there is something significant missing in the violent debate we are currently seeing between men and women. Yes, it’s true that some men do bad things and they deserve to be punished. By the same token, it’s also true that women are powerful and can run companies or even …

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Debt Sucks


Reading Time: 6 minutes Previous Installment – Integrity, The Missing Piece The word debt conjures many emotions, mostly bad ones. This is rightfully so. To be “in debt” to someone or something implies owing something or outright servitude. Debt is most often applied to finances since money makes the exact quantification of what you owe so much easier. Owing …

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Becoming a Superior Man – Intro to Series


Reading Time: 2 minutes Over the next 12 weeks I will be releasing a series titled “Becoming a Superior Man”.  The series will cover the 12 tenets of a Superior man, and will give direction and purpose on being a well-rounded man. These 12 items are critical to being a Superior Man and provide a goal to aim for. …

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