Supercharge Your Productivity – Part 2


Reading Time: 4 minutes Welcome back to Part II of our series on concentration and focus. Last time we covered a series of important tools to greatly increase your productivity so if you haven’t read that article we recommend starting there first. Today we’re going to talk about ways to boost your concentration and effectiveness even further. Read on …

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How To Supercharge Your Productivity


Reading Time: 5 minutes The modern world has so many distractions it seems like everyone has ADD. Multi-tasking is all but a requirement. Talking to someone while typing on your smartphone is totally normal. Ipads and Smart TVs are everywhere. Headphones are regular fashion accessories. If you consider the amount of email, texting, social media browsing, web surfing, phone …

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How The F*** Do I Quit Procrastinating??


Reading Time: 5 minutes Procrastination In our modern, corporate-minded, high productivity culture, it’s a four letter word. When we think about procrastination we immediately conjure powerful and uncomfortable images: A red-eyed student at 4am in the morning typing furiously at his laptop, his desk covered in a pile of coffee cups A man sleeping in a hammock while his …

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Choosing a Goal


Reading Time: 3 minutes My goal is to lose weight. My goal is to eat better. My goal is to get stronger. My goal is to have more sex with my wife. What do all of those have in common? Yep, very weak goals. Easy to say you did it or walk away without losing face. When I sent …

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