Superior Body


Reading Time: 5 minutes Previous Installment – Sex Having a great body is something we all need to strive for. Looking for ways to improve your body, change things you don’t like, and really find your limits is vitally important for every man. No matter how good you are in a particular aspect there is always room for improvement …

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High Fat, Low Carb eating, Part 3 – The Fat


Reading Time: 3 minutes This is Part 3 of our series. If you’ve missed the first two you can find them at Part 1 – The Carb and Part 2 – The Protein. Fat is bad right? After all if I eat fat then I’ll get fat. So it goes to show for the past 70 years or so …

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High Fat, Low Carb eating, Part 1 – The Carb


Reading Time: 4 minutes I’ve decided to write a little bit on nutrition and how our bodies take in the garbage we feed it. I’ll devote one section to each macronutrient and then bring it all together at the end. First I want to explain that all of the information below is based on different books, articles, podcasts etc …

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Setting Up a Home Gym


Reading Time: 4 minutes About 2 years ago I decided that I wanted to get stronger, build muscle and stop being fat. After much research It looked like weight training was the place to start and make the most gain. So at first I started looking at the big box gyms, 24-hour fitness, LA fitness etc. and they was …

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