Reading Time: 5 minutes Previous Installment – Men of Action Being a Superior Man means contributing to and being a part of your community. Many conversations can be made concerning what exactly makes up your community. For this article I mean your friends/family and neighborhood. Any man can withdraw and isolate himself and his family, however a superior man …

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Debt Sucks


Reading Time: 6 minutes Previous Installment – Integrity, The Missing Piece The word debt conjures many emotions, mostly bad ones. This is rightfully so. To be “in debt” to someone or something implies owing something or outright servitude. Debt is most often applied to finances since money makes the exact quantification of what you owe so much easier. Owing …

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Integrity, The Missing Piece


Reading Time: 3 minutes Previous Installment – Confidence Do what you say, say what you mean. Do what’s right, especially when no one is looking. Simple concept, difficult execution. All too often when a situation presents itself where you must choose between personal gain and compromising your beliefs, the wrong choice is made. This subtle and persistent erosion of …

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Reading Time: 4 minutes Previous Installment – Body What is confidence? It’s a word we all know and at times we have all demonstrated it. Defined as: the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust. Confidence can really be broken down into two areas, intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic meaning within yourself and extrinsic …

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