I Got a Divorce – Where Do I Go From Here?


Reading Time: 5 minutes So you’ve reached the end. You improved your life in part one and you filed for divorce in part two. Now you have that paper with the judge’s signature on it and you are “finally” rid of her…. Or are you? The goal should always be to eliminate ANY and ALL unnecessary contact with the other …

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I’m Getting a Divorce – What Do I Do?


Reading Time: 8 minutes “Holy shit, she served me with divorce papers!”or“Fuck this! I’m sick and tired and can’t take anymore.” There are only two options here: Option One – you were served divorce paperwork, Option Two – you have made the decision to file for divorce. If you aren’t here yet please read part one here. I’ll discuss …

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Divorce – What Should I Consider?


Reading Time: 8 minutes This is the first article in the divorce series. Divorce is a very serious topic and not to be taken lightly. There are many implications concerning divorce that must be considered. The decision to get divorced is ultimately a selfish one and one that you must make depending on a myriad of factors. I have spoken with many men …

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