Killer Complaints: The Surprising Dangers of Whining


Reading Time: 4 minutes January 16, 2018 “I hate myself. Every little thing. I don’t know of one thing that I don’t hate about myself. I’m ugly. I’m too big. I’m too short. I’m a loser. Everything I do is wrong. I’m not even okay at home. Nothing I do is right and will ever be right. I don’t …

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The Art of the Interview


Reading Time: 7 minutes Interviewing people takes many forms and we each do it almost every day. From asking our friends and family details about their day, to finding out the gossip of our coworkers. Think of an interview as a somewhat structured, pre-thought out, line of questioning. This questioning can run the range of very formal to completely …

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3 Quick Tips To Improve Your Appearance


Reading Time: 2 minutes I’m a big fan of quick, simple effective tools that produce dramatic results. Below are some very quick and effective steps you can take to not only to improve your appearance, but also to build self confidence. Posture Proper posture is VERY important. You are judged by what you look like. Full stop. No matter …

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