Sexual Magnetism

Welcome to our Sexual Magnetism series! Hit the links below to start learning how you can attract – and have sex with – all the hot women that you want. 

It’s not just theory either. In each article we include powerful techniques you can start using immediately to increase your success with women. We’ll be covering:

  • Why women instinctively desire certain men and how you can become one of them
  • How to spark her powerful attraction for you…
  • …and how to build that fire to a white heat
  • Conversation skills that will make you irresistible
  • Destroying the myth that only rich and good-looking men can date hot women
  • Turning the tables to get women to approach you
  • Flirting: The essential skill for every man and solid instructions on how to do it
  • Learning – and mastering – “The Game”
  • How to turn your phone into a sex toy
  • Using polarity theory for exciting bedroom dynamics – and gymnastics
  • How to continuously upgrade your relationship over time
  • And a whole lot more!

We’ve spent a lot of time on this material and we’re excited to share it with you gentlemen.

Stay Superior!

Matt and Jay

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Jathan is passionate about helping create a community of great men. He enjoys beautiful women, altered states and Monty Python jokes. He lives in San Diego with two cats and a lot of books. Email him anytime at
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