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We are proud of the two Superior Men Podcasts! The Superior Men Podcast is a bi-weekly Podcast released every other Tuesday. The Superior Men Bookcast is released once a month also on Tuesdays.

The Superior Men Podcast

The Superior Men Podcast is a long-form podcast where Matt and Jay discuss topics important to men. From sex and relationships to health and fitness nothing is off limits!!

The Superior Men Bookcast

The Superior Men Bookcast focuses on the best books for men in every category, including Fitness, Sex, Women, Warrior Ethos, Tribe, Family, Motivation, Adventure and a lot more. The show’s primary focus is non-fiction books but we’ll also periodically include fiction that we love as well.

In each 30-minute episode you’ll get:

  • How popular and/or significant the book is
  • All the controversy, drama and chaos caused by the book
  • A brief biography of the author
  • Our favorite excerpts and profound quotes
  • What functional differences the book has made in each of our lives
  • And, most importantly, WHY YOU NEED TO READ IT!!

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I use an app called “Podcast Addict” – It is the best podcasting app I have ever used and it is absolutely free (with ads). I however chose to purchase the app ($2.99) to support the developer. Here is the Google Play store link to Podcast Addict.

To find the Podcast on Podcast Addict, open the app, click the + icon at the top right, click the magnifying glass and search for “Superior Men Podcast” and you’re in business. 


We haven’t done much research on iOS podcasting apps yet but some of the top rated apps on the Apple App Store include “The Podcast App,” “Breaker,” “Overcast,” and “Castbox.” Let us know if you have a personal favorite in the comments below. 

If you are old school and want to manually enter the feed, use the following:

Happy listening gentlemen!

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