Will Smith and the slap – TSMP #70

Intro: Will Smith and “The Slap”

  • Discussion
  • Comedy / Memes / “That shit is ‘slapping’!

More and More People Believe Violence Is Always Bad

  • “You should never fight never under any circumstances”
  • Examples of this thinking
    • Fighting is the essence of “Toxic masculinity”
    • Fighting is nothing more than “stupid, over-testosteroned men, UFC fighters, idiot jocks”
    • Fighting is “unnecessary” in a modern society
      • Just call the police – no need to fight

Are Men Inherently Violent? Are Women?

  • Little boys vs Little girls
    • Girls tend to be drawn to flowers, animals, interesting things, adventures
    • Boys tend to find sticks and brandish them as weapons, throw rocks, compete, explore, fight
  • Women in the military
  • Women in MMA
    • Do women want to fight? Some do.
      • Currently UFC lists 602 active male fighters vs 126 active female fighters (83% male, 17% female)
    • Female MMA fights in recent years have continued to rise in popularity

Are There Times When You Should Choose Violence?

  • The vast majority of the time it’s not a good choice
    • Use your words
    • Look for diplomatic solutions – there’s almost always one
    • Violence causes violence (usually escalated) so it’s best to be avoided
      • Playground rules: If I hit you, you’ll want to hit me back
      • Hatfields and the McCoys – If I shoot your cousin, you’ll want to shoot my brother
      • Israel vs Palestine: If you shoot rockets at my temple, I’ll blow up your mosque
      • Once started, the only way to stop the cycle of violence is if one side is willing to sacrifice and not retaliate (extremely difficult to do)
  • There are times when fighting is optional (but understandable)
    • Disrespect – They verbally abuse your woman, mother, children, etc.
    • Someone (usually drunk) tries to start shit 
    • Accidental situations – you run into someone, damage their stuff, say the wrong thing, etc
  • But sometimes there are legitimate reasons you should fight
    • Someone else’s safety
    • Your safety
    • Preemptive fighting for safety
    • Battle/War for a good cause
      • Defeating Nazism
      • Eliminating a terrorist or terror network
      • Ukraine vs Russia

Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times.” – G. Michael Hopf

  • Stay strong. Keep training. Be ready to fight if necessary. But ALWAYS look for a non-violent solution. 
  • Stay Superior!

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