TSMP #52 – Fucking Harvey Weinstein (Part 2): Why Women Crave Sex with Powerful Men

Matt and Jay discuss why women crave powerful men, the problem with modern morality, is sexual harassment always wrong?, the one time you SHOULD take a woman “against her will,” the three ways you need to behave EXACTLY like Harvey Weinstein, the true danger of a sexual predator and much, much more!

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Ep. 52 – Harvey Weinstein (Part 2): Why Women Crave Sex with Powerful Men

4:00 – Review from Part 1: What is perceived value for men and women?

7:00 – Big butts? Yes! Big boobs? Yes! Sexy feet? Okay, that’s weird…

8:30 – The good qualities of Harvey Weinstein…and the BAD qualities

9:30 – The problem with modern morality: Everyone is either ALL good or ALL bad, no middle ground

12:00 – Is sexual harassment always wrong?

13:30 – At least one-third of the formal allegations against Weinstein are for “unwanted sexual advances” aka “sexual harassment” aka asking a woman to have sex with you and she feels uncomfortable and says “no.”

The Cut Magazine: List of formal allegations against Harvey Weinstein

15:00 – Cynthia Burr and the question of “forced” oral sex

18:00 – True physical trauma vs emotional trauma and/or regret. Sometimes after a difficult or uncomfortable event it’s hard to say exactly what happened and who is to blame.

20:00 – Alexandra Canosa and the question of exchanging abuse for fame and opportunities

22:30 – Juliana De Paula, the sex party and the broken wine glassI had to fight him off with broken glass”

24:30 – The allure of powerful men and the threat of power vs sexuality

27:30 – Mimi Haleyi, Netflix, chill and dirty sex acts: “I’m in disbelief and disgusted”

30:30 – Asia Argento was traumatized by Weinstein’s sexual assault…and then she was in a consensual relationship with him for years afterwards

36:00 – Is Harvey Weinstein a bad guy? YES. He committed multiple acts of sexual violence and rape.

37:00 – How to NOT be like Weinstein in three easy words: ALWAYS GET CONSENT

38:00 – Why always getting verbal “Affirmative Consent” for every step of sexual intimacy is ridiculous

39:00 – The ONE situation where you can take a woman “against her will”

40:00 – Weinstein’s philosophy of success in business “He can’t hear the word NO”

41:30 – Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Weinstein: We want to emulate SOME (but not ALL) of Weinstein’s character

44:00 – 3 ways you SHOULD be like Weinstein: #1 – Be Powerful AF

45:30 – #2 – Present Yourself Well

46:30 – Journalist Emily Sheffield’s meeting with WeinsteinI felt utterly charmed by the energy and excitement that rolled off him AND WHICH OVERRODE THE BROODING PHYSICAL HEFT AND THE POCK-MARKED SKIN; I was dazzled.”

47:00 – #3 – Have a Fascinating, Fun Personality

Harvey Weinstein’s fascinating Rotten Tomatoes Interview

48:30 – Like all powerful men, Weinstein has giant brass balls: He openly tried to have sex with EVERY HOT WOMAN IN HOLLYWOOD, including: Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Uma Thurman, Ashley Judd, Heather Graham, etc. etc.

51:00 – Assuming you’re in an appropriate dating environment (ie. Not at work), don’t worry about “sexual harassment” – instead worry about “sexual assault”

53:00 – Aside from being very fat and having an ugly face, Weinstein consistently demonstrated EVERY quality of perceived value that a woman wants when she has sex with a man!

57:00 – Bottom line, if you want to be sexually successful with women, remember the 3 qualities women want most: 1) Be One of the Powerful Men, 2) Present Yourself Attractively, and 3) Have a Fascinating, Fun Personality

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TSMP #52 – Fucking Harvey Weinstein (Part 2): Why Women Crave Sex with Powerful Men 1

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