TSMP #50 – Fake News vs Real News

Matt and Jay discuss fake news, clickbait, Hitler and the Rabbi on CNN, learning the bias of your media, and how you can find the truth!

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Ep. 50 – Fake News vs Real News

4:30 – What is Fake News? – News published usually with the intent to mislead in order to damage an agency, entity, or person, and/or gain financially or politically to increase readership

8:00 – What is Real News? – News that endeavors to report facts, tells both sides of the story, news that you trust

12:00 – Similar goals of Fake News and Real News: Both designed to make $$, both created to serve a biased niche, both designed to be shared

14:00 – Logical arguments vs pure opinion

16:00 – The ultimate news interview “Hitler and the Rabbi”

18:00 – Are you feeling strong emotions when reading a headline? It’s almost guaranteed that it’s a biased source

20:00 – Fake vs Real News Example: “Rioters and Ronald McDonald House”

22:30 – Writing “clickbait” titles for articles

24:30 – Fake vs Real News Example: “Mississippi House Bill 762 and weapons inside churches”

WASM Podcast #48 – “Should You Own a Gun?”

27:30 – California’s controversial new “high-capacity” gun magazine law

32:00 – News perspectives on the explosion in Beirut: Left, Right and Centrist

34:00 – What is “bias” and why does it matter?

36:00 – Top 15 news outlets and their respective biases

Nolan Chart of political biases

News media bias chart

42:00 – The danger of opinions as News

46:00 – NYT Opinion editor fired for publishing right-leaning opinion piece

47:30 – How to stay safe from Fake News and be safe online

52:00 – Is Snopes.com 100% accurate? Is ANY media outlet 100% accurate?

54:00 – NO media outlet has all the facts – check all the sides of EVERY story

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