TSMP #49 – You Need a Vacation!

Matt and Jay discuss why you need a vacation, “active leisure” vs “passive leisure,” research showing how vacations will literally save your life (and reduce your weight and improve your productivity…), why you need to make annual traditions, the joys and horrors of family trips, the value of memories, The 6 Keys To Planning Your Vacation… and much more!

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Ep. 49 – You Need a Vacation!

7:30 – Matt and Jay both just got back from their respective family vacations

9:30 – “Active” Leisure vs “Passive” Leisure

11:00 – The BIGGEST reason you need a vacation? It can literally save your life! — NIH study: 12,000 men @high risk for heart disease are 32% less likely to die from heart disease and 21% less likely to die from all causes IF they take frequent annual vacations

12:30 – Lose weight by taking vacations! — Syracuse University study: Regular vacations reduce incidence and symptoms of metabolic syndrome (aka Getting fat, problems with insulin, etc)

13:00 – Stress levels get lower BEFORE taking your vacation! — Syracuse University Study: The closer test subjects were to the upcoming vacation, the lower their heart rate and stress levels

14:00 – ALL of Sweden uses less anti-depressants when they take vacations — Swedish Institute of Urban Research Study: For the entire country, the more workers who went on vacation, the less people who used antidepressants

15:30 – Ernst & Young study: For each additional 10 hours of vacation employees took, their year-end performance ratings improved 8 percent

18:00 – Are you home-bound because of COVID? Get out now! At least drive out of town, exercise in non-populated area, something!

19:00 – Why men need to travel

20:00 – Why the modern media’s description of the world and people is HORRIBLY inaccurate

24:30 – What are some great ideas for vacations? Lake trips, beach trips, road trips…

25:30 – Matt’s family road trip. Great experience! True, not at the time, but looking back it was.

26:30 – Critical question: How challenging do you want your family vacation to be?

29:00 – You need a vacation because they make long-lasting memories / Matt and Jay’s vacation PTSD

31:30 – The value of making an annual vacation into a family tradition

34:00 – The BAD experiences on your vacation = A GREAT story later on

35:30 – Why men need to go camping: Getting back to nature, appreciate your toilet after using a hole in the ground, being away from the masses of people, no electricity, no water, keeping food away from bears, surviving with no cell service, cooking, dealing with the elements, navigation, insects,

37:30 – Downloading computer maps when GPS doesn’t work

OSMAND App – Great maps for your phone when you’re totally off the grid

40:00 – Camping is a NECESSITY for men – especially men who live in the city. Reminds us of what it really takes to be self-sufficient.

43:00 – How to appreciate water more? Go several days with no running water on tap.

44:00 – Keys to planning your vacation / Key #1: Know Your Family

46:30 – Key #2: Make Sure You Plan In Advance!

48:00 – Key #3: Get Off the Beaten Path 

50:00 – Key #4: Go On Vacation 3-4 Times/ Year

50:30 – Key #5: Slow Down! Enjoy the TRIP Not Just the DESTINATION

51:00 – Key #6: Plan Vacation Decompression

You need a vacation, so get going and Stay Superior!

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TSMP #49 – You Need a Vacation! 2

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