TSMP #48 – Should You Own a Gun?

Should you own a gun? Matt and Jay discuss weapons and the founding fathers, tyranny vs freedom, the confusion over “a well regulated militia,” Red Flag laws, why you can’t own James Bond’s weapons, the definition of an Assault Weapon (paintball guns anyone?), killing Matt with a fridge, gun safety, the tremendous dangers of giving up our weapons and much more!

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Ep. 48 – Should You Own a Gun?

6:00 – Matt owns guns, Jay possesses guns and shoots them but does not own them

7:30 – Guys DO love shopping – that is, if it’s guns, cars and boats

9:30 – The history of weapons, rights, and the founding fathers of the United States

10:30 – The 2nd Amendment and the commas

12:00 – Weapons and Freedoms: The American colonies vs the British

14:30 – US v. Cruikshank (1876), the Supreme Court recognized that the right to arms pre-existed the Constitution

16:30 – Government of free men vs Communist Dictatorship/Monarchies

18:15 – Should you own a gun? Gun ownership is THE underlying right that enables all other freedoms – aka The right to protect yourself against tyranny

19:00 – What is a “militia” anyway?

23:30 – Restrictions for owning a gun under the 2nd Amendment: Age, Felon status, Mentally ill

26:30 – Controversial Red Flag Laws – Is it okay to remove someone’s guns from them by force?

29:30 – McDonald v. Chicago (2010), the Supreme Court extend the Second Amendment’s protections nationwide

30:30 – The National Firearms Act (1934)

33:30 – Sorry, you can’t legally own a James Bond-style weapon

36:30 – The differing gun restrictions of different states

40:00 – What is an “Assault Weapon”? / AR does NOT equal Assault Rifle

42:00 – The various states definitions of “Assault Weapons” – including paintball guns

45:00 – What is an “Assault Rifle”? There is no federal definition of an Assault Rifle

46:30 – California’s arbitrary definition of an Assault Rifle

48:30 – Are guns designed to kill people? YES!

49:00 – Killing Matt with a fridge / Definitions: Homicide, Murder and Manslaughter

52:30 – Statistics: Murders by firearm (2017) vs Gun deaths (2017)

For more info on police and weapons, make sure to check out our last podcast, TSMP 47: Fuck the Police?

57:00 – Gun safety and accidents

59:30 – 5 ways you should implement gun safety into your household

62:30 – Ice cream shops banning ANYONE with weapons (including police officers)

63:00 – Should we get rid of all weapons? Won’t that make America safer?

65:30 – If guns become “illegal” HOW are we going to collect all these guns anyway?

67:30 – Mexican gun laws: Very stringent restrictions on citizens owning and carrying guns vs Drug Cartel activity w/weapons

69:00 – Should you own a gun? Yes! Giving up guns means giving up your rights and the opportunity to defend yourself

70:30 – Guns enable citizens to protect themselves from a tyrannical government

72:30 – Why it’s important that gun ownership is the 2nd Amendment and not the 9th or 10th

74:00 – Why EVERYONE needs to teach gun safety to children

76:30 – The dangers of knee-jerk laws

Stay Armed…Stay Safe…Stay Superior!

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TSMP #48 – Should You Own a Gun? 2

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