TSMP #47 – Fuck the Police?

Matt and Jay discuss if we should say “Fuck the Police,” the George Floyd protests, the dangers of riots, the value of cheesecake, the abuse of power, vigilante justice, and how we can make our law enforcement – and our country – better.

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Ep. 46 – Fuck the Police?

4:00 – Matt has worked in and with law enforcement for years, Jay doesn’t have a law enforcement background

6:30 – Protests, riots and cheesecake

9:00 – Our goal: Attempt to discuss police problems without discussing race

11:00 – Using riots to accomplish criminal activities

12:30 – We need to focus on FACTS not on FEELINGS

13:30 – Breonna Taylor

16:00 – What is a “no-knock warrant”?

18:00 – Anyone who breaks into Matt’s house will be shot

Police report for Breonna Taylor shooting almost blank

20:00 – Multiple controversies with Taylor shooting

23:00 – Knee-jerk reactions are rarely – if ever – appropriate

25:00 – Why “Black/White” thinking is dangerous

26:30 – Is murder ever okay?

27:30 – David McAtee

30:00 – When McAtee was shot officer body cams were not on. Unacceptable.

31:00 – Don’t de-escalate a scenario by shooting your gun

33:00 – Body cams, work monitoring and privacy

35:00 – Can I just pee in private?

37:30 – Emergency massage therapy

39:30 – George Floyd

44:00 – The four officers involved in the Floyd shooting: Derek Chauvin, Tou Thao, J. Alexander Kueng, and Thomas Kiernan Lane

47:00 – Thao, on video, while Floyd is dying: “This, kids, is why you don’t do drugs.” Thao is an accomplice to murder.

50:00 – Officers, suspects, normal citizens – EVERYONE is responsible for their own actions

51:00 – Rayshard Brooks

54:00 – The rights of citizens to defend themselves

55:30 – Michael Jackson style knife-fighting isn’t always a good idea

57:00 – Why escalation will always happen eventually

60:00 – Sad that Brooks is dead BUT he could have prevented his own death

62:30 – Eric Garner

64:30 – Michael Brown — Ferguson, Missouri

67:00 – The “myth” of Michael Brown vs the FACTS

70:00 – The importance of the US Constitution / 1st Amendment

72:00 – The 2nd Amendment – Why American citizens need guns

75:00 – The 4th Amendment: Illegal searches and seizures / Communist countries? No 4th Amendment

77:00 – The 5th and 6th Amendments: Due Process and Rights of Accused

80:30 – Ahmaud Arbery

82:30 – Fuck the police? No, society NEEDS the police!

84:30 – Vigilante justice vs Police justice

86:00 – What happens when police are removed from society?

90:00 – Why we need better police officer training

91:00 – How to make better police officers

94:30 – Why we need to increase police transparency

96:30 – Camden, NJ police department remodel – Each officer had to go meet all the people in their individual local neighborhoods

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TSMP #47 – Fuck the Police? 2

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