TSMP #46 – The Benefits of COVID-19

Matt and Jay discuss the benefits of COVID-19, why masks are making America more attractive, coronavirus and traffic, Chris Hemsworth’s free 10-minute video bodyweight workout, becoming mentally strong during coronavirus… and much more!

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Ep. 46 – The Benefits of COVID-19

11:00 – The beginning of the Coronavirus

13:00 – Masks have been worn for over a hundred years in Asian countries

16:00 – People more attractive when wearing masks

18:30 – COVID-19 predictions: Generally inaccurate

21:00 – The biggest problem with the coronavirus: We don’t know how bad it really could be – and we won’t know until later

23:30 – Is the worst behind us? Or is the worst still to come?

26:30 – Predicting the pandemic & Jay’s problems with math

29:00 – Matt’s COVID cost/benefit analysis

33:30 – Does government have a right to determine which businesses are essential vs non-essential?

36:30 – Sooner or later, money will become more important than (some) human lives

40:30 – Jay can’t massage right now because…rules

47:00 – If restrictive rules remain in place for too long, the American people will rise up and dissent

48:30 – Right now is a fascinating social experiment: How will each of the 50 states respond to the coronavirus?

52:00 – Re-evaluating what’s valuable during chaotic transitions

54:00 – The Benefits of COVID-19Benefit #1: Coronavirus + Traffic = Happiness

55:30 – Benefit #2: Time off work = Time to do stuff “you never have time to do”

56:00 – Benefit #3: The opportunity to work at home

WASM Article: Setting Up Your Home Gym

58:00 – Benefit #4: No excuses – now you’re more available to workout at home

Chris Hemsworth’s 10 minute bodyweight program anyone can do from home (via Men’s Health)

Book: “You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises” by Mark Lauren

63:00 – Benefit #5: Time to change habits: Working out, eating better, listening to more podcasts, listening to/reading some great books

65:30 – Benefit #6: An opportunity to redo and remake your routine – and yourself!

68:30 – Benefit #7: More time with family

70:00 – Matt’s mom’s new video bookclub with her grandkids

72:00 – We WILL get through this – why not use this time so you’re stronger and better on the other side?

73:00 – Benefit #8: Amazing deals online for school right now

76:30 – “When there’s blood in the streets, buy property.”

78:30 – Now is the time to take advantage of the Coronavirus. Right now.

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TSMP #46 – The Benefits of COVID-19 2

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