TSMP #45 – Breathe, Man

Matt and Jay discuss 12 Reasons You Need To Breathe On Purpose. Research-based benefits include: Lower cortisol levels, up to 58% reduction of depression, higher energy levels, improved memory, body detox and weight loss! Plus: One health benefit of smoking, two breathing techniques you can use today, how to improve your pain threshold…and more!

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Episode 45 – Breathe, Man

6:00 – Life is more stressful recently…have you noticed?

8:00 – News right now: “Did you know? Coronavirus has already killed your children. All of them.”

10:30 – Worry is our new national pastime

12:30 – Ways to reduce stress – alcohol probably isn’t one of them

WASM Article: How To Work from Home

14:30 – Working out at home during coronavirus = Still difficult

WASM Article: The Ultimate 3 Month Workout Program

16:30 – Super fast destressor: Breathe, man

17:30 – 12 Reasons You Should Breathe, Man / #1 Breathing Lowers Your Stress Level

18:30 – Study: Factory workers with breathing training had 58% less depression!

21:00 – Quick emotional reset: Ask yourself “What’s the WORST thing that could happen in this situation?”

23:30 – Using this time during coronavirus to get better at managing your stress levels

25:30 – #2 Breathing Makes You Calmer / Study: Breathing faster takes you to a higher energy level, breathing slower calms you down

28:30 – #3 Breathing Helps Stop You From Automatically Responding To Difficult Circumstances

WASM Article: Why You Need the Rule of 10

32:00 – #4 Breathing Improves Your Memory / UCLA Study

34:30 – #5 Breathing Lowers Cortisol, Improves Digestion / According to New York Medical College psychiatrist Dr. Patricia Gerbarg

38:30 – #6 Breathing Improves Cardiovascular Health / So says cardiologist Dr. Kimberly Parks

41:00 – #7 “Breathing Increases Energy” according to Patrick McKeown, author of The Breathing Advantage

42:30 – #8 You Lose Weight By Breathing – Up to 200g of carbon per day

TED Talk: How You Lose Weight By Breathing

45:00 – #9 Breathing Lowers Pain and Increases Your Pain Threshold / University of Rosenburg study

46:30 – #10 Breathing Helps To Detox Your System / You breathe out volatile gasses – the more breathing, the better you can detox

50:00 – #11 Breathing Boosts Your Endorphins / Study shows monks get endorphin boosts through meditation and breathing

52:00 – #12 Breathing Increases Oxygen In Your System / O2 can make your body perform up to 16x more efficiently if you breathe, man

54:30 – Diaphragmatic breathing – breathe, man into belly, not your chest

56:30 – Using the “4/7/8 Breath” technique

60:00 – “Square Breathing” technique 5/5/5/5

62:00 – One of the biggest benefits of smoking is actually from the deep breathing

Remember to breathe, man!

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