TSMP #43 – Coronavirus Insanity

Matt and Jay discuss the coronavirus insanity, stockpiling toilet paper, why face masks and gloves won’t help you, the most germ-ridden object in your house, the difficulty of finding accurate virus statistics, how to protect yourself from COVID 19, coronavirus jokes, and much more!

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Episode 43 – Coronavirus Insanity

WASM Article: Disaster Plan

8:00 – The Coronavirus (aka The World Is Ending!!!)

11:30 – People are freaking the fuck out

13:00 – Why are we stockpiling toiletpaper?

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15:30 – COVID 19 is NOT a real worldwide emergency

17:30 – CDC SAYS STOP USING FACE MASKS!!! They won’t keep you safe from Coronavirus AND you’re taking those masks away from medical workers

20:30 – The germiest object in your house? Your cell-phone

22:30 – Jay’s OCD client

25:00 – COVID 19 pandemic compared to H1N1

28:00 – The difficulty of tracking exactly how many people are sick during a global pandemic

32:30 – The symptoms of COVID 19: Basically the same as any flu ever

36:00 – World Health Organization (WHO) statistics: Every year between 290,000 and 650,000 people die from influenza worldwide

39:30 – Modern life has been cancelled — because legal issues

46:00 – The insurance ramifications of COVID 19

51:00 – Superior Men MUST keep their heads when all about them are losing theirs

54:00 – How to slow/stop the spread COVID 19

58:00 – Fun with the coronavirus

61:30 – Use this worldwide coronavirus insanity to learn how to prepare for an actual emergency

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