TSMP #42 – Preparing for a Natural Disaster

Matt and Jay discuss preparing for a natural disaster, California’s upcoming monster earthquake “The Big One,” why your government is going to fail, making a “Family Disaster Plan,” surprising (and safe!) water sources in your home, must have resources for a disaster, why everyone needs to go camping, the ½ tank rule for your car and much, much more!

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Episode 42 – How To Survive a Natural Disaster

WASM Article: https://www.wearesuperiormen.com/disaster-plan/

5:30 – One way or another a natural disaster IS coming – are you ready?

8:30 – The more prepared you are, the better everyone will be (aka Individual responsibility)

11:00 – What are regional disasters? Hurricanes, Wildfires, Earthquakes, Massive Power Outage, Major Flooding, Tsunami (not Tornadoes, local fires, small power outages)

13:00 – Prepping for California’s “The Big One”

14:30 – What happens when the government can’t provide for you during a natural disaster?

16:30 – Have supplies for at least a week – it’s going to take time for the government to coordinate a response

20:00 – Make a family disaster plan AHEAD OF TIME: Where will you meet? How is everyone going to get there? Alternate plan? Who’s picking up the kids?

21:30 – Why do you need a plan ahead of time? When chaos happens YOUR CELL PHONE WON’T WORK FOR CALLS (and probably no internet either)

23:30 – What resources do you need for a disaster? Water (1 gal/person/day)


29:00 – Sources of water in your house: Water Heater, Upper Toilet Tank, UV Steri Pen

UV Steri Pen Portable Water Sterilizer ($51.27) — Buy now on Amazon

32:00 – Accessories you will need during a disaster: First aid kit, ibuprofen/asprin, Benadryl, Epi-Pen (if needed), Duct Tape, Knife

35:00 – Ideal food: Canned food (beans, meat, vegetables, fruit) + can opener

38:30 – Get a camp stove + propane

39:30 – Protection against elements: Shelter, Clothing, Blankets, Fire starters

41:30 – Protection against violence: When a major disaster happens, if there’s no resources sooner or later people will want to take what others have

43:30 – The more stressful an environment is, the less logical people will behave during a natural disaster

46:00 – The importance of being able to protect yourself and your family: Have a weapon or weapons and having proficiency with those weapons

50:00 – Get a battery or crank-powered AM radio / Flashlight

RunningSnail Hand Crank AM/FM Radio with LED Flashlight, 1000mAh Power Bank for Phone ($25.90) — Buy now on Amazon

53:30 – Get several lighters, cash (small bills)

55:30 – Have some entertainment on hand (cards, games, puzzles, etc)

57:30 – If you have solar power, you need a solar battery or else you won’t be able to use those solar cells

60:30 – Police rule: Make sure you have at least ½ tank of gas in your car at all times

64:30 – Other important supplies: Prescription medications (fresh meds rotated through your first aid kit) / Pet supplies / fire extinguisher

68:30 – Key to preparing for a natural disaster: PLAN AHEAD – DON’T WAIT!!!

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