TSMP #41 – Why You Should Start a New Sport

Matt and Jay discuss why you should start a new sport, “sports” you can do while drinking, Jay’s training for Ironman, Matt’s new addiction to Peloton, why every new athlete needs Craigslist, starting a “Couch to 5k Program,” mud runs, sports to help you sleep, and so much more!

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Episode 41 – Why You Should Start a New Sport

5:00 – Real sports vs E-sports (not sports)

7:30 – A real sport = Not a sport you can drink while doing

10:30 – Jay’s sport last year? Marathon. This year? Ironman

12:00 – Kenyan triathlete training: Using a bike to get away from lions

15:00 – Metric vs Imperial measurements in triathlon / Weighing yourself in stones

17:30 – The winning time for Tritonman 2020 Sprint triathlon: 58minutes / Jay’s time: 1h 28mins

20:00 – The ridiculous Ironman distances: 2.4 Mile swim, 112 Mile bike, 26.2 Mile run

22:00 – Jay’s inspiration to start Ironman: The incomparable Mark Allen

24:30 – Matt gets a Peloton…and he’s in love

28:30 – Why should you get a home workout system?

WASM Article: Setting Up Your Home Gym

31:00 – Convenience is MASSIVE for working out

WASM Article: Stronglifts 5×5: Weight lifting for Uber noobs

33:30 – Do you like buying toys and accessories? Triathlon is your sport

36:30 – How to save money on new sports? BUY USED EQUIPMENT!

40:30 – Try a new sport for the social benefits!

42:30 – Best intro to meet a cyclist: “Nice bike man.”

45:00 – The health benefits of starting a new sport: Weight loss, mood boosting, increased muscle, self esteem

46:30 – Exercise WILL help you sleep better / Cortisol & Melatonin

49:00 – Keep doing unhealthy hobbies vs Start a new sport

50:30 – Why did Jay decide to run a marathon?

Ready to try a “Couch to 5k” program? Start here

53:30 – When you’re working out VERY hard, you’ll get to the question “Why am I doing this?”

55:30 – If you don’t want to workout, ask yourself: “What will I feel like later today if I DON’T finish my workout?” vs “What if I DO finish my workout?”

58:30 – Matt and Jay’s first Tough Mudder

61:00 – Never done a race of any kind? Do a mud run! Great atmosphere. Costumes. Awesome for groups. Basically a party.

64:00 – Out of shape and still want to do a mud run? All obstacles are OPTIONAL!

67:00 – Why should you try a new sport? Healthier body. Better mood. Healthier brain. Meet new people. Learn new skills. Fun!

68:30 – Sports will give you benefits for DECADES to come!!

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