TSMP #40 – Complimenting Women

Matt and Jay discuss the art of complimenting women, the best (and worst) pick up lines, the four dynamics of male/female interactions, what you should NEVER say to a woman and so much more!

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Episode 40 – Complimenting Women

WASM Article: How To Compliment Women

5:00 – Our favorite pick-up lines

7:30 – What is a compliment?

10:30 – Why do we use compliments?

12:00 – Compliments vs Flattery

14:30 – The challenge of complimenting women

16:00 – Men vs Women: Where do you want to eat?

20:00 – Complimenting women to try and make them happy when they’re feeling emotional

21:30 – Men generally say what they mean, Women generally say what they are CURRENTLY FEELING IN THAT MOMENT

23:30 – The dangers of valuing women over yourself

26:00 – The dynamics of male/female interactions: Power, Attraction, Integrity, Purpose

27:00 – Who has the power in an interaction? Whoever needs the other person less

29:30 – Women enjoy a man who can lead well

31:00 – The different kinds of attraction – or lack of attraction

33:00 – Integrity: Are you telling the truth or are you lying to get what you want?

36:30 – Many lies that guys tell are motivated by a genuine desire to make her happy

40:00 – What is your purpose when talking to her?

43:00 – Do you know what your goal is for that conversation?

46:00 – Think before you speak – because most women will know what your motives are before you open your mouth

49:30 – Don’t say these things: “You’re the most beautiful woman ever and you always will be no matter what” “I’m the luckiest guy because I’m with you” “As long as you’re happy I’m happy.”

52:30 – Do say these things: “Wow you are lucky to be with me!” “You’re going to have a great night – if you behave.” “I can tell you’re in love with me.”

56:30 – Be attractive to her, but more importantly be attractive to yourself

58:30 – Don’t accept unattractive behavior from her

59:30 – Don’t say: “Let’s do whatever you want to do.” “You’re the boss.”

62:30 – Do say: “Yes these are my tattoos. No you can’t touch them.” “I have a great idea for tonight. Wear something nice and I’ll pick you up at 8pm.”

64:00 – Speaking with Intregrity

66:00 – Don’t say: “I’ll do anything for you.” “I could never look at another woman.”

69:30 – Do say: “Sure I’ll help you out…what’s in it for me?” “I love seeing beautiful women.” “I’m going out to XYZ tonight. Want to join me? No? Okay, I’ll see you later.”

72:30 – What’s your purpose in talking to that woman? Get laid? Getting ego validation? Are you trying to experiment and get better with women?

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76:00 – Don’t say: “Soooo how am I doing so far?” “Am I getting lucky tonight?”

77:30 – Do say: “If you play your cards right you might get lucky”

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