TSMP #39 – Rethink Macros

Matt and Jay rethink macros, discuss the Protein/Energy Diet, why fat isn’t bad, the importance of controlling your blood sugar, the calories in Uranium, the subtle dangers of weight loss companies like Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers, why you should stop eating Pretzels and much more!

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Episode 39

Rethink Macros

WASM Article: https://www.wearesuperiormen.com/rethink-the-3-macros-pe-diet/

7:00 – Intro to The P/E Diet

9:30 – You need to start thinking about the ratios of the macros you eat

12:30 – Comparing apples with apples – Calories aren’t always calories

18:30 – Fat is bad…right?

21:00 – Fat is storage for energy / Fat can also be used directly as energy as ketone bodies

23:30 – Carbs are the bodies first choice for energy / Carbs CAN’T be used for energy storage

27:30 – No food is “bad” or “good” – it’s all about what you’re getting in the food you’re eating

29:30 – Controlling your bloodsugar (via your diet) is KEY to making sure your body’s self-regulatory mechanisms are working correctly

33:30 – Our bodies don’t do well with a constant influx of dietary carbohydrates – especially simple carbohydrates

36:00 – Protein not a functional energy source

39:00 – What IS a calorie really?

42:30 – How many calories are in one kg of coal? One pound of hay? 1g of Uranium U235?

47:00 – What is the P/E diet? Divide your daily intake of protein by your daily intake of energy (fat + carbohydrates)

49:30 – Standard American Diet (SAD) vs Protein Sparing Modified Fast (PSMF) vs Balanced Diet ([Protein] = [Fat + Carbs])

52:30 – What does a good maintenance diet look like?

55:00 – P/E ratio of Egg Whites = 12/1

56:30 – Ribeye steak P/E ratio = 1.3/1

59:00 – Matt’s Heavy Cream Latte / Butter P/E ratio = 1/12

62:30 – Cupcake P/E ratio = 1/20

65:30 – Pretzel P/E ratio = 1/25

69:00 – What SHOULD we eat? #1 Focus on Protein, #2 Then add fat, #3 Then add carbs

73:30 – What NOT to eat? For most people, no grains, nothing processed or pre-packaged

77:30 – How do you calculate P/E ratios for your food?

Ideal Bodyweight Calculator https://www.calculator.net/ideal-weight-calculator.html

82:30 – Maintenance Mode P/E ratio vs Weight Loss P/E ratio

84:30 – Jenny Craig isn’t a Weight Loss company, it’s a Food company

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