TSMP #38 – Throwing In the Towel

Matt and Jay discuss when Throwing In the Towel is a good thing, the critical value of giving up, how to use triage to prioritize your shit, Dr. Baumeister’s Cookies and Radishes experiment, the amazing truths of Rocky IV and much more!

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Episode 38

Throwing in the Towel

WASM Article: https://www.wearesuperiormen.com/throwing-in-the-towel/

5:00 – New Year, New You?

8:00 – Nope—New Year, Same You

10:00 – What goals/habits have YOU tried to change before and failed?

12:30 – The unpredictable things that derail our goals

14:30 – Multi-tasking vs High-speed triage and prioritization

17:00 – 911 emergency response: Same event, different priorities – depending on POV (victim, officer, dispatch center)

21:30 – Our FOCUS, our ATTENTION, is where we have the capacity to create or change something


26:30 – Dr. Baumeister’s Experiment: Cookies, Radishes and Puzzle Solving

29:30 – The solution when we’re seriously overwhelmed? Often we just give up

32:00 – David Goggins used the Rocky soundtrack on repeat when he broke the Guinness World Record for Pull-Ups

33:30 – Rocky IV – How Rocky fails, refuses to throw in the towel and Apollo Creed dies

39:00 – Strategy to transform your life: Start giving up on some things

41:00 – Stephen Covey’s Four Quadrants from “7 Habits of Highly Successful People“:

  • Urgent & Important: Crisis, emergencies, pressing problems
  • Not Urgent & Important: Planning, prevention, relationship-building, health
  • Urgent & Not Important: Some phone calls, some meetings, “popular activities”
  • Not Urgent & Not Important: Most social media, escapism, junk mail, mindless TV

47:00 – Spend your time working on the Not-Urgent & Important items in your life

49:30 – Maximize your energy by giving up things that don’t serve you

51:30 – How to know your willpower is used up? Spending more than 20 minutes CHOOSING a show on Netflix

54:00 – The 8-year long remodel

57:00 – Flashlights vs Lasers = Same amount of energy, used differently

59:00 – What projects/goals can you cut from your life? Where can you throw in the towel?

63:30 – Success isn’t a battle it’s a war

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