TSMP #37 – How To Text Girls

Matt and Jay discuss How To Text Girls, the WASM Law of Texting, when to ignore her texts, why you can’t seduce a woman using texts, the #1 thing you should NEVER do via text, the best reason to use texting, whether or not you should use Emojis, and much more!

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Episode 37 Notes

WASM article: https://www.wearesuperiormen.com/how-to-text-girls/

6:00 – Every man texts, not many men know how to

9:30 – Over 23 Billion texts sent every day

11:00 – Texting is a NEW form of communication in this generation

13:00 – The 7-38-55 rule / “Conversation” is not “Communication”

15:00 – Because of the 55% rule, communicating with people in other languages is possible

16:30 – WASM Law of Texting: “What CAN be misinterpreted, WILL be misinterpreted.”

17:00 – Bill Burr’s hilarious “Bad Court Reading”

19:00 – Q: How often are you communicating? A: Always

21:30 – Texting removes the 38% tone of voice AND the 55% body language

24:00 – Rule #1 of Texting Girls: “Don’t always be available”

26:30 – A woman will read huge amounts of data into HOW you communicate, regardless of what you’re actually SAYING

28:30 – If your girl is your #1 priority in your life, she will quickly lose attraction to you

31:00 – Your attention is currency for a woman – tremendously valuable

32:00 – Dopamine is triggered when you get a text message

34:00 – When something is always available, we quickly lose interest

35:00 – Sometimes NOT responding to her text is the best choice

37:00 – If you haven’t met a girl in real life yet, don’t try to use texting to seduce her – do it in person

37:30 – Rule #2 of Texting Girls: “NEVER Argue Over Text”

41:00 – Texting girls when you first meet them: Text ONLY to coordinate logistics

45:30 – Texting girls after you’re in a relationship: Text MOSTLY to coordinate logistics, plus occasional “thinking of you” texts

47:00 – Emojis add a SMALL amount of emotional info to your texts, but not much. Best to use them sparingly for fun and entertainment.

49:00 – When you’re in person, DON’T TEXT OTHER PEOPLE. If you absolutely have to send texts, apologize, send the text very quickly, then return 100% attention to the person you’re with.

50:00 – Don’t Double-Text – After sending your first text, wait until they respond. Don’t send several more texts. Desperate, needy, doesn’t work.

52:00 – Use the 3/2 Golden Ratio of texting – She sends three texts, you send two

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