TSMP #36 – Power In Relationships: Who Wears the Pants?

Matt and Jay discuss power in relationships, why every ship needs a Captain, the myth of TRUE equality, modern feminism and victim mentality, Male cops vs Female cops, the hormonal desires of men and women, 5 Rules to help Men lead in the home…and much more!

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Episode 36 Notes

4:30 – Who wears the pants in a relationship?

5:30 – Every ship must have a Captain, every car needs a driver

7:30 – Modern masculinity under attack

10:00 – Captains don’t – and can’t – do all the work

12:00 – TRUE equality is impossible

14:00 – Feminism, Patriarchy and “The root of all societal evils”

16:30 – Feminism: The dictionary definition vs the modern definition

18:30 – Equality vs Dominance

20:00 – Modern feminism is a victim mentality

22:00 – Men and Women have natural strengths and weaknesses

23:30 – Male cops vs Female cops

26:00 – Which genders should work which jobs?

27:30 – Do women make good leaders?

30:00 – Power in relationships: A biological base

32:00 – Women in high-commitment jobs (C-level jobs, Lawyer, Doctor, Business owner, etc) often leave or downgrade hours to spend more time with family

33:30 – Do women WANT to be the leader in a relationship?

35:00 – Women who woo men…

37:00 – Why every romance novel and rom-com has the same Male/Female dynamic

40:00 – Men and Women are hormonally driven from birth to do different things

43:00 – In relationships, Women want a Man they can look up to and respect

45:00 – Hot Jock with cute mousy girl = Very plausible / Hot cheerleader with nerdy loner guy = Not plausible

47:00 – The Captain must CONTINUOUSLY EARN his position or else MUTINY!!

49:00 – Why Women don’t want to lead

51:00 – “Give a Woman a house and she will give you a home”

52:30 – How you as the Man lead in home

54:00 – Lead – but don’t be a dick

56:00 – Being a good leader means taking care of everyone in your group

58:30 – If you want to accomplish nothing, attempt to make everyone happy at all times

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