TSMP #34 – Sexual Imagination and Fantasy

Matt and Jay discuss Sexual Imagination and Fantasy, Fish Sex and Dominatrixes, Four Rules To Get Her Thinking About Sex, the Dressing Rooms at Victoria’s Secret, the power of Erotic Storytelling, the risks of sexual fantasies, and much more!

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Episode 34 Notes

WASM Article: Exploring Sexual Imagination and Fantasy

5:00 – Today’s episode is part 3 of our “Sexual Satisfaction” series

7:30 – Biggest and most powerful sex organ

10:30 – Fish sex and Dominatrixes

13:00 – We have a record of every second of our lives stored in our subconscious

16:00 – Prepping a woman’s brain for sex

17:30 – Choreplay vs Foreplay

19:30 – Attraction isn’t negotiated / Why you need to be “large and in charge”

21:30 – Like it or not – it’s the man’s job to initiate sex

25:00 – Sexual Starter Question: “What’s one of your favorite romantic songs?”

28:30 – Judging women and having fun doing it

29:30 – Sexual Starter Question: “I really want to see you in XYZ sexy clothing”

32:00 – Your woman will remember the things you enjoy – so tell her about them!

33:00 – Sexual Starter Question: “Do you remember your first kiss?”

35:00 – The one question you should NOT ask her

38:00 – Four Rules To Get Her Thinking About Sex

41:00 – One of the most popular fantasies: Sex in the changing room

44:00 – Why you must use Erotic Storytelling

45:30 – Erotic Storytelling Starter: “What’s your favorite erotic book/movie?”

48:00 – Why you need to Lead her sexually vs Pushing her to be sexual

51:30 – Erotic Storytelling Starter: “What’s a sexy story from one of your friends?”

54:00 – The goal is to move her towards the question “What’s one of your fantasies?”

56:00 – Don’t ask her a sexual question unless you’re prepared for her answers – and also to give YOUR answers

58:30 – More naked than naked: Exploring sexual imagination and fantasy is much riskier and scarier than just having sex

1:00:00 – Discussing fantasies requires strong trust and communication

1:02:30 – Great sex means learning more about someone

1:04:00 – We don’t choose what turns us on / Fantasies aren’t a choice

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TSMP #34 - Sexual Imagination and Fantasy 2

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