TSMP #33 – Travel, Work and Relationships: Staying Close When You’re Away From Home

Matt and Jay discuss how to maintain your important relationships while working long hours, 5 Tips To Improve Your Work/Life Balance, juggling multiple wives, energy healing over the phone, getting rid of Captain Save-a-Ho, a guaranteed way to be more attractive to your woman and staying close when you’re away from home!

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Episode 33 Notes

WASM Article: Staying Close When You’re Away From Home

6:30 – Matt on the road for work a lot: He’s spent 91 nights away from home in the first 9 months of the year

9:00 – Work and travel with a wife and 4 kids

11:30 – The major benefits of working from home

13:30 – Energy healing over the phone

16:30 – Even if you don’t travel for work, improving your work/life balance is key

17:00 – 5 Tips to Improve Your Work Life Balance / Tip 1: Have a Great Partner

19:30 – If your partner isn’t okay with you being gone long hours for work, eventually things will fall apart

22:00 – Know your partner, know yourself: Not everyone is emotionally capable of being apart from their SO for long periods of time

24:00 – The insanity of Captain Save-a-Ho

26:00 – Tip #2: Set Expectations and Revisit Those Expectations Regularly

28:30 – Using a shared electronic calendar to coordinate the family (Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Cozi app, etc)

33:00 – The more organized and coordinated you are, the less stressed your woman will be and consequently the more attractive you will be to her

34:30 – Tip #3: Being Gone Doesn’t Mean Being Absent / Staying connected

37:30 – Be aware of when your wife is available…and when she is NOT available

40:30 – Coordinate regular times for communication / adapt your system for what works for both of you

43:00 – Don’t multi-task while having important conversations with women. Schedule uninterrupted time.

44:30 – Tip #4: Handle Your Shit

45:30 – Divide responsibilities into two sections: 1. Things you have to be home for, and 2. Things you can do remotely

47:30 – Tip #5: When You’re Home, Be Present for Your Family

50:00 – How to coordinate your multiple wives

52:00 – Make sure you’re rested and healthy when you get home so you can spend quality time with family

55:00 – Managing your tremendously valuable time with family when you work 80-100 hours a week

58:00 – The work is never done. Actively manage your travel, work and relationships so you’ll always be staying close when you’re away from home

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TSMP #33 - Travel, Work and Relationships: Staying Close When You’re Away From Home 2

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