TSMP #32 – Unlocking Her Sexual Desire

Matt and Jay discuss females in heat, weird fetishes, affirmative consent laws, taking control in the bedroom and how to use your 3lb sex organ to drive women wild!

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Episode 32 Notes

WASM article: https://www.wearesuperiormen.com/unlocking-her-sexual-imagination/

7:30 – Today’s episode is Part 2 of our ‘Sexual Satisfaction’ series. Head here to catch up listening to Part 1.

10:15 – Sex in LTRs – “She used to like it, but not so much now”

13:00 – Jay’s interest in ladyboys

14:30 – Everyone has a 3lb sex organ

17:30 – The difficulty finding actors for Snuff Porn

19:30 – The evolution of sexual porn

22:15 – Weird fetishes / ‘Voraraphilia’ takes the phrase “eat me” to a whole other level

26:00 – The biology of unlocking her sexual desire

29:00 – Men are hormonally driven to pursue sex, but…

32:30 – Study: Men AND Women with higher T-levels have more sexual partners

35:00 – Females in heat / Matt’s horny cat

37:30 – Men in LTRs: It will continue to be your responsibility to initiate sex

39:00 – Women in strip clubs displaying sexual receptivity

42:30 – There’s no guaranteed technique to get sex from a woman 100% of the time

47:00 – A woman’s tremendous emotional perceptivity makes her better able to judge a man’s sexual attractiveness

51:00 – Want more sex? Do the things that make a woman feel biological attraction to you

55:30 – Actions you can take to start unlocking her sexual desire

1:00:30 – If you want to turn her on, better to tell her “Do this” rather than say “Is it okay if we do this?”

1:03:00 – Affirmative consent laws killing attraction

1:06:30 – Learning to read contextual emotional cues

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TSMP #32 - Unlocking Her Sexual Desire 2

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