TSMP #29 – Digital Life / Setting Up Your Smart Home

Matt and Jay discuss life before the internet, old-fashioned porn and why less connectivity can be better – plus the dangers of FaceApp, how to configure your smart home, using “smart devices” to upgrade your digital lifestyle and much more!

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Episode 29 Notes

TSMP 1st Birthday in July: TSMP Classic Men’s 3-Pack – ENDING THIS WEEK!!

  • “Masculine Strength”
    • Covers masculine strength and the separate but distinct biological advantages of men and women
  • “Hyper-Masculinity and Conflict Resolution”
    • Digs into a man’s deep craving to fight and how to channel it to achieve greatness
  • “How To Create Successful Habits”
    • Provides you with powerful tools to rewire your brain and shape your habits.
  • All three TSMP Classic episodes go back into the vault at the end of August!

Bookcast #5 “Can’t Hurt Me” coming September 3!

WASM Article: Setting Up Your Smart Home / Digital Life

6:00 – Living a digital life / Before the internets

8:00 – America Online and a bajillion AOL CDs

11:30 – $600 international phone bills / WhatsApp and internet phone calls

14:00 – Matt avoids social media

17:30 – Being always available (phone, text, email, social media) impacts our functionality in life 

19:00 – Use “batching” to improve your efficiency

23:00 – Why working 7 days a week isn’t the best choice

29:00 – How we solved arguments before Google

32:00 – Porn before internet porn

35:00 – The big fat guy in his parent’s basement throughout history

37:30 – Jay’s weekly vacation

40:00 – Why you need to set up your personal “Available Hours” so people know when you will and won’t respond

43:30 – What is a “Smart Home”?

48:00 – “Smart” vs “Dumb” devices

51:00 – Customizing your Smart Home

57:00 – Smart devices that will automate your home and your life

59:30 – Privacy! / Is FaceApp safe?

1:02:30 – If you’re not paying for the product, you ARE the product 

1:05:30 – Upcoming in the WASM Digital Life Series: Anonymity, Staying secure and safe online, Who you are vs Who you are online, Unplugging to connect

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