TSMP #28 – 5 Rules For Running Your Marathon

Matt and Jay discuss Jay’s recent first marathon, the tests we can’t cram for, learning to live past your comfort zone, why pain is your friend and much more!

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Episode 28 Notes

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WASM Article: 5 Rules For Running Your Marathon

7:00 – This show is about running all kinds of marathons (athletic or otherwise) so if you’re not a runner don’t worry the material will still apply!

10:00 – Lesson #1: Marathons are 95% training / 5% race

11:30 – Training is about making mistakes…and then learning from them

13:30 – There are some tests that are so big you can’t cram for them

14:00 – Cheating on your marathon / Frank Meza in the Los Angeles marathon

19:30 – Perfect practice makes perfect

21:00 – A kind of learning that happens only when you’re beyond your limits

23:00 – What is your big test? 

26:00 – Break down all the steps necessary for your test – and then know them all inside and out

29:00 – Lesson #2: The 5% Race Is Key To the Entire Training Process

31:30 – Did you commit to the process yet? / The difference between “dreams” and “goals”

36:00 – Check your big goals before commiting: Do you really want a BS in 18th century basket weaving?

41:00 – Using Kaizen to analyze and grow your training process

43:00 – Lesson #3: It’s Not About Winning, It’s About Not Stopping

46:00 – Not everyone finishes their big race

48:00 – If you can’t do your training, you’re going to end up quitting (and breaking your promise)

51:00 – It’s gonna suck. Prepare yourself.

55:30 – What is YOUR marathon? 

57:30 – Lesson #4: Pain Is Your Friend

59:00 – Matt breaks his jaw – and didn’t use pain meds. Because he’s crazy. 

1:02:30 – Dean Karnazes “Suffering is the sole origin of consciousness….There is a magic in misery”

1:05:00 – Lesson #5: Run Your Own Race / Lucia kicks Jay’s ass

1:08:00 – 5,000 runners have 5,000 different personal stories

1:12:00 – Don’t compare yourself to someone else – compare yourself with who you were yesterday / Using the 5 rules for running your marathon

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