TSMP #27 – Scheduling Every Minute

Matt and Jay discuss optimizing your work, why (and how) we waste so much time at the office, Steve Jobs fashion choices, the 16-hour workday, sleeping in blocks, using Army Ranger-style “backstops” to reduce stress and why scheduling every minute works!

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Episode 27 Notes

WASM Article: Scheduling Every Minute

Anniversary Episode / Favorite stuff from the last year

  • Check weaersuperiormen.com [link in show notes] for our favorite stuff / favorite elements / favorite parts of the last year. That article is available now!

3:00 – TSMP anniversary

4:30 – Bed, Bath and Beyond – and Armageddon

6:00 – Is scheduling every minute truly functional?

7:30 – Matt is a huge spreadsheet nerd

9:30 – Blocking every moment of your day

10:30 – David Goggin’s 24-Hour Mission: 3 Blocks, 8 hours work, 8 hours play, 8 hours sleep

12:00 – Steve Jobs’ most boring uniform in the world

13:30 – How to use “batching” / Only checking email 2x/day

15:30 – Setting up boundaries, reducing distractions

16:30 – BLS Statistics: Average American “works” 8.8 hours/day…but this is what they’re actually doing during that time

18:30 – Smoke breaks and looking for new jobs – on company time

20:30 – Average worker only productive 2 hours 53 minutes/day

22:00 – How Americans used to work 16 hour days

26:30 – Work Block: Actual work, skill building, education

28:30 – Multitasking / Texting while giving a massage

31:30 – Does working out qualify as work?

33:00 – Play Block: Wife, kids, hobbies, games, whatever your real priorities are

35:00 – Sleep Block: How to sleep better – use 90 minute blocks

38:00 – Make sure to sleep 7 hours and 30 minutes per night or more – 6 hours MINIMUM (but often damaging)

40:00 – Balancing Work / Play / Sleep Blocks

42:00 – Choose your priorities based on what matters / Maybe not using a 8/8/8 split

44:00 – Using Backstops to orient (or re-orient) yourself / Army Ranger School

46:00 – Don’t give up on your goals if your initial plan doesn’t work out / Setting reminders

49:00 – Your woman is an amazing reflection of your goals to yourself

51:00 – Improve your relationship and your family by organizing your day and your life

54:30 – Instead of saying “I didn’t have time for that” say “It wasn’t a priority” – powerful and true

56:00 – Deep Work vs Light Work: Challenging brain activities vs easier, less complex tasks

1:00:00 – How many hours/day are humans able to seriously concentrate?

1:01:30 – Stretch once an hour

1:04:30 – Jay’s experience with Scheduling Every Minute

1:07:00 – Cutting things out of your day that don’t matter / Paying attention to how spend your time

1:09:30 – Stephen King’s excellent book “On Writing”: How to become a novelist in 15 minutes a day

1:11:30 – Focus on what matters to you – and do that!

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