TSMP #26 – Using Kaizen To Get Better At Everything

Matt and Jay discuss the powerful philosophy of Kaizen, using the PDCA Cycle to get better at absolutely anything, how to make buildings your bitch, the agony and the ecstasy of Tough Mudder – and lots more!

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Episode 26 Notes

WASM Article: How Kaizen (改善) Will Make You Better At Everything

5:00 – The far-ranging value of philosophy vs a specific skill

7:00 – Do you want to make more money? This can help

9:30 – How Charles Polquin creates gold medal olympians

10:30 – The Japanese philosophy of Kaizen (改善) — Kai = Change, Zen = Good

12:00 – The story of Japan, Kaizen and Toyota after World War II

14:00 – W. Edwards Deming: The Productivity Guru / First letters for names

16:30 – Deming’s “PDCA Cycle” won him great respect in Japan / The Deming Prize now given by Japan for over 50 years

20:00 – How does Kaizen actually work? / The philosophy of small, continuous improvements

23:00 – Make buildings your bitch! / Climbing stairs in skyscrapers

26:00 – Growth always happens slowly (except in your pants…hehe)

29:00 – Focusing on one step at a time

31:30 – PDCA Cycle: Plan, Do, Check, Adapt

33:30 – OODA Loop: Observe, Orient, Decide, Act (designed by USAF Col. John Boyd)

36:00 – The cyclical nature of action and progress

38:00 – How to increase your maximum capacity

“No matter who you are, who your parents are or were, where you live, what you do for a living, or how much money you have, you’re probably living at about 40 percent of your true capability.” – David Goggins, Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds

40:30 – Roger Bannister breaks the 4-minute mile – scientists said running that fast was physically impossible

43:00 – “Don’t drive angry!” – Bill Murray, teaching the groundhog how to drive in Groundhog’s Day

46:00 – Using Kaizen to run a marathon

47:30 – Matt and Jay do a Tough Mudder and Matt almost dies

Sign up to do a Tough Mudder today! It’s awesome. Every guy should do at least one.

50:00 – The joys of electrocution

53:00 – Matt running at the military academy – with support from friend did more than he ever thought possible

58:00 – We have no idea what we’re truly capable of accomplishing

1:02:00 – Learning to run fast AFTER you’re so tired you can barely move

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TSMP #26 - Using Kaizen To Get Better At Everything 2

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