TSMP #22 – “Me First” Politics

TSMP #22 – “Me First” Politics
The Superior Men Podcast

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Matt and Jay discuss victim mentality, me first politics, the history and abuse of US government aid programs, the dangers of using welfare, and how to break the cycle

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Episode 22 Notes

6:25 – “Me First” Politics

7:00 – Matt and Jay’s political backgrounds / Matt and Victimless crimes

9:30 – Jay meets the Armed Forces

11:00 – Individual Freedom vs Selfishness

13:00 – A very brief intro to “Me First” politics

15:30 – 1933-36, FDR’s “New Deal” and how boring it was in American History class

22:00 – The cycles of history / Economics and War

25:00 – The difficulties you live through influence your economic perspective / Reusing your paper towels

28:30 – Social safety nets and “Entitlement Programs”

30:00 – The dangers of Social Security, aka “Gam Gam, you’re 95. Why don’t you just die?!”

31:30 – Medicaid enrollment: 1966: 4 Million people, 1976: 20M, 1990s: 30M,  2017: 73.8M

Over 125% increase in Medicaid in the last 20 years

35:30 – John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address – Whether you’re from the US or anywhere else in the world: Focus on serving others, not yourself

39:00 – America used to be the self-sufficient, hard-working, independent cowboys

42:00 – Dictators are always good…at first

44:00 – Government assistance programs and politics: “Vote for me and I’ll give you free stuff”

48:00 – Getting free stuff make us believe we need to keep getting free stuff / Creating victim mentalities

49:00 – There is no such thing as “free”; one person’s assistance program is another’s taxes

52:00 – Working the govt system: Do no work and get more $$ from the state than you would from an actual job

55:00 – Safety Net OR Better Lifestyle?

59:30 – How to break your addiction to government assistance

1:02:00 – Push yourself – If necessary use extreme motivation

1:04:00 – Becoming harder / Becoming a Superior Man

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