TSMP #21 – Tribal Initiation with Rainier Wylde

Matt and Jay talk with special guest Rainier Wylde on Tribal Initiation, Becoming a Man and How to Find (or Build) Your Tribe

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Rainier Wylde Bio

Rainier is a Masculine wholeness Coach, working with men to discover who they are, what their purpose is and how to build their tribe. He holds a Masters degree in Community Counseling and has spent decades as a spiritual guide, professor at graduate school in evolutionary and developmental psychology, community consultant, counselor and skills trainer working with men.

Rainier’s new six-week intensive called INITIATION draws on traditional cultures and wisdom streams to help men radically progress in life. INITIATION is available now on
EvolvingWild.live. For more great content also check out Rainier’s podcast “Lost Man Standing” on iTunes and Google Play.

Make sure to listen to the end of today’s show for access to a free 10-day challenge on EvolvingWild.live and a special discount offer for Rainier’s six-week course INITIATION!

Episode 21 Notes

7:00 – Rainier pursues the Superior Men

9:00 – What is tribal initiation? Latin root similar to “origin” or “beginning”

13:30 – What is a tribe? Your group – the group you would fight to defend

15:00 – Three parts of tribe: Resource Sharing, Defense and Identity

17:00 – Why is Tribe important for modern men?

18:30 – The consequences of Isolation and Loneliness: Stress, Sickness and Death!

20:00 – Study: Orphan infants without touch and connection die more often

21:30 – Hikikomori – Modern Japanese men who never leave their houses

22:30 – Modern Western culture needs more strong individualism AND more tribe

26:30 – The difference between a few strong, connected personal groups and many superficial pseudo-groups

30:00 – How social media is replacing actual social connection

34:00 – William Carlos Williams said “I am lonely…and I am best to be so.” Is this correct?

35:00 – How do you find a tribe?

36:00 – The Norse origins of the “Lazy Boy”

37:30 – The brutal tribal initiations that transformed boys into men

41:00 – Pornography, shame and the male “Shadow Initiation”

44:00 – A lack of formal initiation turns into repression and darkness

46:30 – “Cult” and “Culture” share the same root

49:30 – 7-year old Soccer players taken from their parents to live in other countries and become the best in the world

53:00 – Why Men need to break the connection with their “Mother figure” at an early age

55:30 – Men-Boys are vampires of the Feminine energy

58:00 – Willpower and Men

1:01:00 – Getting laid doesn’t equal being a man

1:04:30 – How to create a tribe? Men need to interact physically with each other (working out, martial arts, etc) / Create rituals / Create unsafe spaces (places men can be offensive and offended and work through those feelings)

1:08:00 – Wrestling – or fighting – through your offenses without giving up

1:11:00 – Why you need to start giving a fuck

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