Superior Men Podcast #9

Superior Men Podcast #9
The Superior Men Podcast

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In this episode Matt and Jay talk about fighting, hyper-masculinity, conflict resolution and the need for good boundaries.

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Episode 9 Show Notes:

3:15 – What is Conflict?

8:15 – The different people we all conflict with

10:30 – Bumper sticker politics

14:00 – Not all conflict can be resolved

16:00 – UFC 229: McGregor vs Khabib

20:30 – Profiting by the promotion of violence

24:00 – Deep in their core all men agree that fighting is cool

25:30 – Hyper-Masculinity vs Beta Males

28:00 – The lack of Masculine, well-rounded Male role models in the media

30:30 – Why strong Men are necessary in times of conflict

32:00 – A fight inside the group at We Are Superior Men

40:00 – In a tough fight, each fighter has a different perspective

44:30 – Fighting unfairly / The result of repression is hyper-aggression

46:30 – What is a boundary? / Making promises and commitments

51:00 – Breaking your commitments means losing faith in yourself

55:00 – It’s better to make no promises than to make a promise you break

58:30 – Make small goals, make the fight manageable

61:00 – Find or create a support group to help you

67:00 – How to tell if you have bad or non-existent boundaries

71:00 – Learning to say “No”

74:30 – Five signs you’re co-dependent

A hilarious example of bad boundaries

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