TSMP #08 – MASCULINE STRENGTH, Being Strong, Masculine vs Feminine Strength

TSMP #08 – MASCULINE STRENGTH, Being Strong, Masculine vs Feminine Strength
The Superior Men Podcast

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In this episode Matt and Jay discuss what it means to be strong, Masculine vs Feminine strength and how Men can develop Masculine strength

Show notes:

2:00 – The growth of Crossfit, American Ninja Warrior and Male Instagram Models

4:00 – What is strength?

6:00 – Becoming strong requires strength

8:00 – What is masculine strength? Community Definitions

10:00 – @drgusbus: Staying manly in a world of negative feminist propaganda

11:45 – @alexlearns: The ability to be dangerous – and to be able to control that ability

14:30 – @manbydesign.ca: Knowing who you are, not making excuses, fighting for what you believe in [@doktor_faun: What he said]

16:00 – @juggernaut_79: A man isn’t afraid to show emotion in everything he does. Men aren’t robots.

17:30 – @davidagilbert, @elmer_escoto: Patience, perseverance, passion, determination

18:45 – @seeborisgo: Being able to stand up, unplug and walk away from the shit society says is needed

20:45 – @the_center_of_my_world: Shouldering through loss and pain without complaining, just pushing forward

23:30 – @willpwr7: Strength of will, conviction and self-determination

24:30 – @evolving_wild: It is AT LEAST physical strength. It is also mental toughness. The definition is somewhat subjective but never individual. It is always in relationship. www.evolvingwild.live

25:15 – @the.mencollective: Courage is not about the absence of fear, as the popular adage goes. It is about accepting fear as part of our existence and practice acting anyway.  themencollective.com

28:00 – Is masculine strength under attack by modern media?

32:00 – Baby Boys = Blue, Baby Girls = Pink. Or Yellow? Green?

35:00 – The worst baby shower ever

40:00 – Little boys are driven to create and destroy, little girls are driven to nurture and connect

45:30 – For a balanced whole, Yin and Yang are both necessary

49:00 – Beauty vs Hoarders

53:30 – Even homosexual couples have a Masculine/Feminine balance

55:00 – How to develop your Masculine strengths

60:00 – Skills attracts women

64:00 – Every small improvement you make for yourself will improve your family

68:30 – Why you need ‘Kaizen’ in your life

74:00 – Join our community and help us to become more Superior!

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