TSMP #07 – Kavanaugh, #METOO and sexual assault, the importance of specific language

TSMP #07 – Kavanaugh, #METOO and sexual assault, the importance of specific language
The Superior Men Podcast

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Matt and Jay discuss Kavanaugh, #METOO and sexual assault. They also talk about the importance of being specific with your language.

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Episode 7 Notes

4:50 – Bill Cosby & the beginning of the #metoo movement

7:00 – Weinstein is a horrible person but legal proof is still needed and lying is still lying

10:00 – Brett Kavanaugh, partisan power and the Supreme Court lifetime appointment

16:00 – Dr. Christine Blase Ford / Description of the incident with Kavanaugh

21:00 – Celebrity endorsement of Ford & Kavanaugh: “I’m with her” OR “I’m with him”

24:00 – “It happened 35 years ago” / The problem with our memory

28:00 – The political power of strong feelings (regardless of facts)

36:00 – Due Process vs The court of Social Media: Who needs truth anyway?

42:30 – Miranda Rights and What to say if a police officer accuses you of something (Hint: SAY NOTHING)

45:00 – Detailed definitions: Sexual Assault, Sexual Battery, Forms of Rape

51:00 – Affirmative consent: “Yes means yes” – but does it?

53:00 – The tremendous, fatal power of an accusation

58:30 – How we should punish false claims / The new scarlet letter

1:03:30 – Have you been sexually assaulted? Step #1: Call the police, DON’T post on social media

1:07:30 – Asia Argento and Weinstein: #metoo and How to destroy your own credibility

1:10:00 – In 2018, over 140 famous people publicly accused of sexual assault

1:16:30 – Are you accused of sexual assault? DON’T use The Kevin Spacey Defense

1:21:30 – How to respond if you have behaved inappropriately / Apologies / Getting a lawyer

1:29:00 – Bottom line: Guys, treat women, treat everyone well. Always.

Bill Cosby

  • First trial in the #metoo movement
  • World’s biggest comedian for decades, Cosby Show (+ spinoff), Jello commercials, best-selling comedy albums, told modern comedians (Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy) not to use F-word, N-word
  • 60 different women accused him of drug-induced sex assault since 1960s
    • Various levels of accusation, some plausible, some vague at best
  • All but Andrea Constand (2004 assault) were outside of statute of limitations (differs by state, generally under 10 years)
  • After mistrial (2015), convicted (2018) of 3 counts of drugging, sexually assault Constand
  • Sentenced to 3-10 years in prison, permanent violent sex offender status, permanent parole, GPS tag at all times

Harvey Weinstein

  • More than 40 women, including Angelina Jolie, Ashley Judd and Gwyneth Paltrow, have accused Weinstein of some form of sexual misconduct
  • Six felony charges relating to three women: two counts of predatory sexual assault, two counts of criminal sexual act in the first degree, and one count each of first-degree rape and third-degree rape.
  • Lucia Evans, one of six accusers, just dismissed (Oct 11) after inconsistencies in reports
    • Evans said she was forced to perform oral sex on WeinsteinFriend said Evans told him it was exchange “Oral sex for a job”
  • Weinstein currently out on $1 Million bail

Kavanaugh Hearings

  • Background of Controversy
    • Happened in High SChool, 36 years agoAccuser, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, Professor Palo Alto University, Research PsychologistClaim is that Kavanaugh assaulted her, held her down, while friend Mark Judge watchedSenate Judiciary Hearing called to determine truth of Ford’s claim prior to Kavanaugh’s confirmation as Supreme Court JusticeDue to significant discrepancies in Ford’s testimony, case was thrown out, Kavanaugh was confirmed
  • Newest ABC Poll, headlines in USA Today, Washington Post, Newsweek, MSNBC: “Kavanaugh should face Congressional Investigation, Majority of Americans say”
    • Women: 53% support investigation, 43% opposeMen: 47% / 49% (Remember 4% margin error)1144 adults surveyed in English & Spanish
      • 33% democrat, 26% republican, 35% indy, 4% margin error606 support, 491 oppose, 45 person margin errorSurvey in English & Spanish

Definition of Sex Assault & Rape

  • United States Department of Justice, sexual assault is “any type of sexual contact or behavior that occurs without the explicit consent of the recipient.”
  • Sexual assault in college campuses in California: A sex act that occurred without affirmative consent (active, voluntary participation)
  • California criminal law: Rape = nonconsensual sexual intercourse
    • Other laws govern different forms of sexual assault not including intercourse
  • Varies significantly depending on the state
  • Emily Austin, director of advocacy services for California Coalition Against Sexual Assault. For example, she says, sexual assault on college campuses in California means a sex act that occurred without affirmative consent (which is described as active, voluntary participation)

Over 140 high-level individuals with #metoo controversies/allegations in 2018

NOTE: Unless otherwise stated, all claims are from 2018

  • Asia Argento – Actress (‘XXX’ with Vin Diesel, ‘Marie Antoinette’ with Kirsten Dunst)
    • Leader of #metoo movement
      • Claimed Weinstein sexually assaulted her but said she later consensually had sex with him multiple times for the next five years
    • Teenage boy (17) claimed that actress had sexually assaulted her in 2013 (she was 37)
    • Claimed it was false, later admitted it was true
    • Paid the boy $$ to cover it up
    • Removed as judge in Italian version of “X-Factor” show
  • Matt Lauer – Host of Today Show
    • Claimed sexual harassment, fired from “Today Show”
    • Admitted guilt, harassment
  • John Lasseter (Founder of Pixar, Head of Disney Animation)
    • Accused of inappropriate comments and unwanted touch (hugging, kissing, hands on body)
    • Publicly apologized for comments and behavior, currently on sabbatical
  • Russell Simmons, Founder of Def Jam Recordings, CEO Rush Communications
    • Multiple claims of forced sexual contact
    • Denied all claims
    • Stepped down from all companies, HBO cut ties
  • Men who have been accused and denied all claims:
    • Brett Ratner, Sylvester Stallone, Dustin Hoffman, Ryan Seacrest, Bryan Singer, Morgan Freeman, Tom Brokaw, President George Bush Sr, T.J. Miller, Michael Douglas, David Copperfield (from prostitute?!), George Takeii, James Franco, many others

Stories of men accused who denied allegations, still fired and reputation ruined

  • Jeffrey Tambor – Actor “Transparent” (2 Emmy awards for Best Actor for the show)
    • Claims from two transgender co-workers that he sexually harassed them
    • Tambor strongly denies claims
    • Fired from “Transparent”
    • Supported by producers of Arrested Development
  • Pulitzer prize-winner Junot Diaz, accused of forcible kiss
    • Diaz denies incident. Investigation showed no factual basis
    • Stepped down as head of Pulitzer Committee, remains on board
    • Suspended as professor at MIT, reinstated after investigation

How NOT to respond when you’re accused of something

  • Kevin Spacey
    • Accused of sex assault of minor in 1992
    • Denies knowledge of claims, but also immediately came out publicly as gay
    • Fired from “House of Cards,” shamed by LGBT community

How you SHOULD respond if you’re guilty

  • Ben Affleck
    • Several claims of inappropriate touching (“tweaks her left boob”) on TRL in 2004
    • Admitted and apologized for the incident
  • Louis C.K.
    • Masturbated in front of women on mult. occasions and once on phone
    • Also told mult. other women he wanted to masturbate in front of them
    • Admits all claims, said he has a problem
    • Specials pulled from Netflix, “Louis” show cancelled, reputation damaged
    • BUT admitted everything, back doing comedy clubs, albeit amid some outrage

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