Superior Men Podcast #5.1

Superior Men Podcast #5.1
The Superior Men Podcast

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Why 5.1? We had an issue with episode 5. But never fear 5.1 is bigger and better.

In this episode, Matt and Jay talk about the “Gender Pay Gap,” opportunities for men and women and ways to succeed in your career.

Show Notes:

8:20 – The culture of victimhood / The power of blaming someone else for your problems

16:00 – Our current, 2018 work opportunities are unparalleled in history – for both men and women

22:00 – Using outrage to drive explosive social media traffic

33:00 – How to manipulate statistics to “prove” your narrative

47:00 – Is the wage gap really real? [IF YOU’RE IN A HURRY, START HERE]

54:00 – Modern business owners don’t care about your sex, they care about their profit margin

62:00 – Stanford Study: Most high-level female attorneys in their 30s leave their careers to pursue family

67:30 – The truth behind the statistic “Women earn, on average, 77% of their male counterparts”

78:00 – US Dept. of Labor meta-analysis: “The wage gap is actually individual choices made by workers.”

86:30 – Colleges want EVERYONE for EVERY major, assuming you can pay (or take a loan)

90:00 – Passion vs Skill vs Opportunity

Editor’s Note: We want to apologize for our references in this episode to the now-defunct Episode 5. The good news is that Episode 5.1 gives you all the best stuff from Ep5 and adds a whole bunch of new material, including lots of research, statistics and in-depth discussion. We think you’re really going to dig it.

US Dept of Labor statistics:
Labor force participation rate – Male vs Female
Weekly time spent working by each gender (statistics)
Weekly time spent working by each gender (graph)
Overall median weekly incomes for all genders

4 main factors in determining wage differences for all workers (men and women):

Mike Rowe video about passion vs opportunity
“Just because you’re passionate about something doesn’t mean you won’t suck at it”


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