Superior Men Podcast #4

Superior Men Podcast #4
The Superior Men Podcast

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This episode Matt and Jay discuss preventable divorce, salvaging the wreck of your relationship and how to make yourself attractive to your woman again.

2:30 – What can you do if she doesn’t think you’re attractive anymore?

8:15 – If you’re only a paycheck, you’re replaceable AND she can take your $$ in the divorce

12:00 – Steps to RESET attraction in a relationship

14:00 – The opposite of love isn’t hate

18:15 – Negative attention from a woman and what it really means

23:30 – Why you shouldn’t listen to her words – and what you SHOULD focus on instead

25:00 – ‘Dread Game’ and how to play it

30:00 – “Pre-selection Bias” – If someone else wants it, it must be good

37:30 – “What women want when they test men” Bruce Bryans / The four “tests” women give men

45:30 – You always have the option to say “No”

54:30 – How to answer “Do I look fat in these pants?”

60:15 – One thing you should NEVER tell women / Athol Kay’s “Mindful Attraction Plan

70:00 – How are you choosing to hypnotize/reprogram yourself?

76:30 – ‘Way of the Superior Man’ by David Deida

78:00 – Upgrade your wardrobe, change your mindset / “The Essential Man

86:00 – Pulling away, becoming yourself is scary to her – but also exciting!

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Super Rich by Alex (c) copyright 2013 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial (3.0) license. Ft: Hans Atom & Faded Millions


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