TSMP #20 – OMAD and Diet Experiments

We talk about the OMAD diet, other diet experiments and why everyone should try new eating habits

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Episode 20 Notes

03:31 – Intro to OMAD (One Meal a Day) Article:

04:55 – When blowers attack

06:20 – What is OMAD?

09:10 – Coffee creamer

13:15 – How did I find out about OMAD?

15:10 – What Matt tracked on OMAD

16:51 – How does OMAD work?

20:05 – When is the best time to start OMAD?

21:30 – What did I eat, Example: Gordon Ramsey Scrambled eggs –

25:00 – How many calories on OMAD?

30:10 – Other Fasting diets

33:00 – More Carbs = more hunger

35:10 – Soylent Green is People – https://soylent.com/

38:00 – Simplicity – but eating real food

38:35 – Cheat meals

42:10 – Social aspect of eating

46:10 – Diet Experiments

49:20 – Stress as weight loss aid

51:45 – Force yourself to lose weight vs healthy lifestyle

55:00 – Juicing

58:30 – Fasting

1:00:05 – Autophagy

1:01:35 – Healthy relationship with food

1:05:01 – Bad Advice – Calories in vs Calories out

1:05:40 – Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes

1:06:43 – Fitness Confidential by Vinnie Tortorich

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TSMP #20 - OMAD and Diet Experiments 2

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