TSMP #19 – Pleasure Stacking, Suffering, Why We’re Always Bored

Pleasure Stacking, Old Movies vs New Movies, Why we’re always bored, Eating sugar all day long, The twisted pleasure of controversy, Driving in silence, Leaving your phone at home, Enjoying the little things

Episode 19 Notes

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02:00 – What is “pleasure stacking”?

05:00 – Growing up without electronic entertainment in cars

6:45 – Everyone at restaurant on their phones, even at nice restaurants / Now there’s ALSO a screen for ordering and playing games.

WASM Article: Pleasure Stacking: Our New Favorite Poison

9:00 – Millennial pleasure stacking: TV + Laptop + Phone + more

11:00 – Matt’s current office: 3 computer monitors + 2 tablets + 2 phones + 1 smart screen

13:30 – When was the last time you took an entire weekend away from screens? No TV, no phone, no laptop, no movies, nothing?

16:00 – Media Statistics: Television = 35 hours/week, Video games for 35 million Americans = 2.5 hours/day, Total media = 10.5 hours/day

19:30 – How do you respond to TV? Does it stimulate you or make you fall asleep?

22:30 – Why do we stack our pleasures?

26:00 – New movies vs Old movies: Quick cuts, lots of editing, intense vs long, slow takes

31:00 – Why we’re always bored

32:00 – Life is painful, but if you’re distracted enough hopefully you won’t notice

34:00 – Eating a little bit of sugar, all…day…long…

36:30 – Using pleasure to avoid dealing with your problems

40:30 – The power of social media “likes” and comments

44:00 – Controversy = A twisted form of pleasure

48:00 – How to stop pleasure stacking / What does it feel like to turn off ALL of your media and drive in silence?

51:00 – What not to do: Driving and reading novel while on the freeway

WASM Article: The Slow Lane

53:00 – Slow down your life / Savor the details

57:00 – Do one thing at a time and nothing else. Stay in the moment.

59:00 – Silence your phone. Or turn it off. Or even leave it home.

63:00 – David Goggins’ advice: Start when you wake up and do physical training. Start with overcoming discomfort every day.

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TSMP #19 - Pleasure Stacking, Suffering, Why We're Always Bored 2

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