TSMP #18 – Visualizing, Jim Carrey $10 Million Imaginary Check, Getting Stronger

TSMP #18 – Visualizing, Jim Carrey $10 Million Imaginary Check, Getting Stronger
The Superior Men Podcast

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World-Class Visualizing Secrets, Jim Carrey’s $10 Million Imaginary Check, The Most Dangerous Motorcycle Race In The World, Getting Stronger Biceps Without Moving a Muscle

Episode 18 Notes

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4:00 – “Performance Enhancement”

9:30 – The secret Will Smith, Oprah, Jim Carrey and other high-level performers use to achieve success

11:30 – How the Blue Angels precision flight team uses visualizing

16:00 – Olympic gold medalist Lindsey Vonn’s visualization system

20:00 – Harnessing your brain to learn new skills / Motorcycle riding

22:30 – Surviving the most dangerous motorcycle race in the world

26:00 – Jim Carrey’s decade of Hollywood failures

30:00 – The groundbreaking genius of “In Living Color”

33:30 – Carrey’s $10 Million Dollar imaginary check

37:00 – “Hold a picture of yourself long and steady in your mind’s eye and you will be drawn towards it.” ~Napoleon Hill

40:00 – Creating and using “Imagery Scripts”

43:00 – Using visualizing to re-wire your brain

48:00 – There are 100 billion neurons in every human brain (600 miles worth)

51:00 – Studies demonstrating athletes improving sports performance by visualizing WITHOUT WORKING OUT AT ALL [link] [link]

57:00 – Oprah’s 9 Steps to Visualizing for Success:

60:00 – Steps 1 & 2. Write down your goal / Find a place to visualize your goal

62:00 – Step 3. Use your Five Senses when you visualize. Be as detailed as possible.

65:00 – Steps 4 & 5. Get excited about your goal / Work hard on your goal

69:00 – Step 6. Let it go. Stop worrying about what could go wrong. Learn to have faith.

71:00 – Step 7. Repeat Steps 1-6 DAILY

72:00 – Step 8. Be patient. Every goal takes time; some goals take a LOT of time.

74:30 – Step 9. Reap your rewards!

78:00 – Use your imagination for GOOD / Thinking the best thoughts = Having the best life

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