TSMP #17 – Embracing the Suck, Importance of Hazing, Why You Must Fail To Succeed

TSMP #17 – Embracing the Suck, Importance of Hazing, Why You Must Fail To Succeed
The Superior Men Podcast

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“Embracing the Suck,” Broke lottery winners, The importance of hazing, Cuddling up with suffering, Why you must fail to succeed

Episode 17 Notes

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6:00 – Embracing the Suck

9:00 – Dealing with difficulty

11:30 – Insisting you are a special snowflake = You’re miserable anytime difficult things happen

15:00 – Chutes, ladders and benefits you haven’t earned

18:00 – 70% of people who get major financial windfalls (lotteries, gifts, etc) return to broke in 5 years

21:30 – Basic Training / Why professional hazing exists

26:30 – Brandon Webb, Navy Seal and CEO / Webb learns how to “Embrace the Suck”

Buy Webb’s excellent book: “Total Focus: Make Better Decisions Under Pressure

33:00 – Making the decision to push through no matter what

35:30 – True failure is giving up; If you’re not giving up, you’re not truly failing

38:00 – How are you responding to YOUR difficulties?

42:00 – Change is hard. It hurts. Accept that discomfort. / The “Cold Shower Challenge”

47:00 – Day 2 of the “Cold Shower Challenge” – Watch your brain running from discomfort

51:00 – I don’t know what I don’t know / The Power of Committing

54:30 – Setting appropriate goals

58:00 – Cuddling up with failure

61:30 – Games on “God Mode” / Cheating removes satisfaction

64:30 – The moral dilemma of living with your parents

69:30 – “Losing must always be a possibility else growth will not happen. Failures, repeated failures, are finger posts on the road to achievement. One fails forward toward success.” ~C.S.Lewis

72:00 – In order to succeed, your first job is to fail / The power of aiming for failure

77:30 – Being rejected by your robot lover

81:30 – “Success can usually be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations we are willing to have and by the number of uncomfortable actions we are willing to take.” ~Tim Ferriss

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